On being confused — 22 Comments

  1. They must be reacting to all the stamping of feet and temper tantrums and, like worms in the rain, popped up to have a look see at what all the fuss is about.

    • Or maybe they are distancing themselves from New Zealand.

      Hope all [!] my NZ readers are OK, by the way?

  2. They could be the green shoots the experts have been telling us about for ten years now.

    Re your health, a good auld blast of salt air is what you need, preferably from the Atlantic. I was in Achill last month and slept facing westwards inside an open window, best nights’ rest I got in ages.

    • I’d phone Dame Enda to tell him, but they can’t find the fucker as usual!

      Not too sure about Achill in late November?  Now if you suggested strolling on a beach in the Seychelles?

  3. Just a thought and an old joke. The Stairlift People have brought out a new high-speed model, so the elderly can get upstairs before forgetting why they wanted to go there.

    Don’t worry about early “spring” arrivals, they’ve been here for thousands of years.

  4. Our spring bulbs are coming up and they were only planted 6 weeks ago.  Maybe they know something we don’t?  Re the brain fog – try some ginko biloba.  Its called the Memory Tree in some parts of the world.  If you can still remember what the hell its called when you get to the health food shop you obviously don’t need it!

    • It has been a strange season so far.  The trees were green up to a few days ago.  Then they suddenly all turned colour together and all the leaves fell off.  A sort of instant winter?  Now spring is arriving.  I really a confused.

      Memory Tree?  I’ll never remember that…..

    • I went down the list and not one of them applies!  I never bring my phone into the bedroom, nor is there a cordless phone there.  It is the worst room in the house either for mobile phone signal or wifi.  The idea of “dirty electricity” or magnetised mattress springs is frankly within the realms of tin-foil hats.  The nearest mobile phone mast is several miles away and can only be seen from the roof.  I think I’m safe enough there!

      • Ah yes! the “magnetised mattress springs” 😀 😀 could make for a lively night for those with pacemakers!  He was doing alright till then.

  5. Grandad,

    …Damn! I’ve got confused and forgotten what I was going to type. I’ll get back to you when I remember. If I remember who I was going to get back to. And why.

  6. Lyme Disease has all the symptoms it is more common than reported it can be dormant for years then you get symptoms Less than 3% get the “bulls eye rash” 


    A glass of wine before you smoke will prevent damage to body cells SAY RESEARCHERS. Just read the last two words of the intro sentence in this story in the Independent of London: 

    “A glass of red wine before lighting up can prevent some of the harm caused by smoking, researchers claim.

    The vino contains chemicals that protect against short-term damage to the lining of blood vessels, a study suggests.”(my italics)  

    Umpteen reports and learned journals arrive on the desks of busy journalists. They flick-read introductory paragraphs and chosen sections and then abstract material to write up their stories. We the newspaper readers are left in the dark about the credibility of the research findings, but the journalists don’t worry since they’ve got their story for today’s paper. Tomorrow’s story is being worked on. It could be about sexual fertility and caviar.

    Personally I drink the occasional glass of wine, especially with a weekend meal, not because of newspaper reports or because some medical researcher advocates it, but because it’s a habit I’ve enjoyed over the years.  


    • I saw that.  That’s one piece of “research” that isn’t going to hit the headlines?n In fact I’m surprised that any paper has published it.  Maybe there is a glimmer of hope that everyone is getting tired of all these “Research has shown that X caused cancer” stories?

      I feel sorry for those who take these things to heart.  Just live life and enjoy it without all the false anxiety.


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