Just imagine a very simple scenario…

You are looking for a particular item, so you go into a shop.  There, to your delight you see the very item you want on a big stand in the middle of the shop floor with a huge sign over it – FREE! NO STRINGS ATTACHED! HELP YOURSELF!  Behind it, at the counter you see precisely the same item with a sign on it – NOW ONLY €260!

What would you do? 

Would you take the free item, or would you shell out €260?

In a normal word this would be considered a rhetorical question, but this isn’t a normal world.  This is some kind of strange parallel universe where they start complaining that everyone is taking the free item and not paying for the other one.

Not only that but they are complaining that one chap has helped himself to the free item 230 times, when he could have paid €260 for it elsewhere.

I confess to being completely baffled.  I am partly baffled as to why they are giving the stuff away for nothing but I am far more baffled at the inability to understand the most basic understanding of human nature and a total failure to grasp the most elementary piece of logic – if you can get something for nothing then why the fuck should you pay for it?

I knew some time ago that the lunatics had taken over the asylum.

Apparently they have been ousted by the positively deranged.

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Why get it for free when you can pay for it? — 9 Comments

  1. Yeah but they’re not giving it away for nothing. The green /carbon/glasshouse levy added to all our electricity bills in the last year is going to support these charging points. So we who don’t use them are paying for them as well.

    • Of course we pay for it.  There is no such thing as a free service.  That’s what pisses me off when the gubmint rabbits on about “free healthcare” and “free” this that and the other.  Someone has to pay for it and that someone is the taxpayer.

  2. *Scratching head*  Well why wouldn’t they use it for free if it was there for the taking?  I would take advantage too as I’m probably paying for it anyway via some other nefarious hidden tax as Not Green has already said.  

    • I haven’t got an electric car but I’m wondering if I can park the car next to one of these things and recharge power tools etc

      • I’ll try plugging in my mobile phone.

        This whole thing has me utterly baffled.  What strange logic do these people use?  It is far beyond weird!

  3. I think I shall simply fit a dummy socket on my car and take advantage of the convenient parking places, free congestion charges etc.

  4. Hello!  This is the only page I can access today.  When I type in Headrambles.com a message says “you are banned” 😀  Happy Days!

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