The Smokers’ Survey — 14 Comments

    • Strange. It works perfectly on mine.  The same link is on paragraphs 5, 8 and 12.  However two of those use a shortened link which I have now used for “THE SURVEY”.  Try again?

  1. The link worked fine for me, and I completed the survey. I think they might have made certain questions multi-answer. For example “When do you most enjoy a cigarette?” Eight or nine options, several of which are equally applicable but only one allowed (I answered “After a meal”, which ranks but minusculely higher than “With my first coffee of the day”)

    Otherwise everything seemed straightforward, I didn’t notice any leading or biased questions.

    • Of course no online survey can cover all eventualities, but it’s a refreshing change from -Are you a smoker and are you a) inconsiderate, b) smelly or c) a paedophile!

  2. I think anyone can fill it in, regardless of who or where they are, since one of the questions early on is “what nationality are you” followed by “country of residence” with a drop-down menu / list.

    • Smokers are the same world over, and smokers are treated more or less the same world over, so why not?

  3. I have the same complaints about how smokers are treated here in the US that you have in Ireland.  We are second class citizens the world over.

  4. Well, I didn’t actually answer any of the questions, I just hit “next” to see what the questions asked, but at the end it said”Thanks, your answers have been submitted,and will be added to the database(or whatever) so maybe they will think I am already dead.

  5. I love throwing a spanner in the works of statisticians!  How daft a question is this ” Do you see yourself smoking well into the future or do you envisage a time when you will have stopped smoking?”   They might as well ask “Do you see yourself smoking in the After-Life?”  Depends where one ends up after death….. 😀

  6. I don’t smoke but having a coupla minutes to spare took the time and trouble to fill it in. Dishonestly of course.

  7. Good for you, Bill! A shame the survey only mentions cigarettes and cigarette smoking; what about those who smoke pipes, or cigars? (Which I do by choice when I can ‘acquire’ them from Europe at about a third of UK prices. Or about a quarter of the price in the Republic, Grandad?)

    I’ve been rolling pipe tobacco – St. Bruno and Condor – for years; cheaper than cigarette rolling tobacco and lasts much longer. Btw, I noticed on a recent packet of Bruno words to effect that the strands must now be a minimum of 1.6 mm in width by law, presumably to make rolling pipe tobacco too difficult – a fine example of the petty spite and malice of anti-smokers. Doesn’t work, but don’t tell ’em that!

    • Pipes and cigars are rarely mentioned in results, though in fact they were mentioned in the actual survey [How many pipefuls in a week?  As if I’d know!  Does anyone count?].

      I haven’t bought tobacco since the budget but I reckon it’s around the €10.50 [around £9.40?] for 25 grammes.  Why 1.6 mm?  That doesn’t make any sense at all.  But then nor do a lot of their crappy laws.

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