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    • Am I seriously going to look back on the 17th October 2026 and wonder where yet another ten years has gone?  We can only wait and see….

    • Wit?  Where?  Sarcasm, maybe?  Sardonic, possibly?  But wit?  I’m missing something here.

    • Not a bad idea.  I’ll have an extra one to celebrate.  I don’t want to lose the run of myself?

    • Welcome, Patrick, on this auspicious occasion.  You should move to Ireland – it’s lovely and sunny here at the moment.  It’s also simultaneously pissing rain and blowing a gale but I suppose we can’t expect any different?

      • My great, great, great, granddad was from County Kildare Ireland. He came to Canada in 1833. Maybe I should come back home. 

  1. Nice one GD and happy anniversary. Pondering on your words tempted me to check what else happened on that auspicious date, and guess what I found…

    Apparently your launch coincided with a ‘Cosmic Trigger Event’, one that turns your thoughts into reality. Named ‘818’ Gateway, those who identified the event called for 1 million people across globe to actively participate. 

    Cosmic Trigger Event 17 Oct 2006

    Spooky eh πŸ™‚

    • Good Grief!  That explains one hell of a lot.  Maybe Supershadow is right and I am one of the Chosen Ones leading Earth to its true destiny?

      • As a test of his theories you should spend the next 10 years all brightness and light. All that’s good in the world, happy puppy stories and pictures of bumble bees etc – we can review in 2026 and see if it worked πŸ™‚

        Another strange coincidence here !

        • Hahahaha! – “The aim is to create a massive electronic snapshot in words of everyday life at the beginning of the 21st century – to be stored in perpetuity as a social history archive.

          The anthropologists of the future will have a grand time with my little offering?

          puppy stories and pictures of bumble bees“?  Yeah.  Right!

      • I would have thought that was obvious, GD. You are destined for great things, quietly leading the global revolution to it’s ultimate end. Time to invest in piano wire manufacturers, methinks. There’s going to be a spike in demand.

        In ten year’s time, you will be reflecting on the insanity of the anti-smoker pogrom that was in full flow back in 2016, and all the other idiots riding on its coat-tails wanting to ban anything that even hinted at enjoyment. They, of course, will all be dangling from lamp posts by that point, wondering why it is that people don’t like them.

        Well done. Ten years of Political Incorrectness is something to be proud of. All of us out here (Supershadow excepted, perhaps) derive a great deal of comfort from the knowledge that we are not alone in our contempt for the spastic thrashings of those who would control us. I’ll be raising a glass or three to your decade of blogging this evening.

        Thanks for being curmudgeonly. Thanks for being Irish. Thanks for being a blogger.

        • I would like I am contributing to the general feeling of unease and unrest that seems to be spreading.  If I am leading though, I am leading from the rearguard.  I would be very happy if I were just an irritating little itch in the Puritans’ scrotum.

          Your last line – That’s the nicest thing anyone has said to me today.  Thank you Sir.

    • Thanks, Brianf!  You must be one of the longest standing survivors from the Good Old Days?

      [Just checked – you first arrived on the 21st February 2007.  What took you so long?]

      • At the time I was busy reading “Letter to America”, a blog out of Belfast.  October 17 is also my eldest sisters birthday.  You started on her 55th birthday.

        • Wish your sister a happy 65th so!  I think I remember that Belfast site, but I presume it’s long gone by now.

          All the good old sites are gone.

          Except mine, of course……

  2. Happy Anniversary Grandad! I’ve been missing your rants for some time now but never unsubscribed and still get your musings in my inbox all this time, hoping life would change up a bit and give me more time. Interesting that I peek back in when you’re having a milestone. What’s been keeping me is I dove head first into politics here in the US and now with this election, my skin has crawled away from me, I am backing off. Happy to be back. Keep up the good work with giving us all a good place to escape. 

    • Welcome back, Marianne!  It must be a couple of years?   Nothing much has happened here in the meantime apart from the world going further down the toilet.  But then if you were involved with US politics, you’d know that already.

  3. Excellent. Congratulations. I always admired your post-a-day achievement. Well done, that’s a feat few others can claim.

    • Thanks Mark.  Actually the post a day thing is incidental and was never intentional.  I do miss a day the  odd time but reality keeps nagging me to rebel.

  4. Happy anniversary – and keep it up, please! Nothing better than to know where to find one’s echo chamber! πŸ˜‰

  5. “I wonder if I’ll still be around”

    Oh, I do hope so!  Whether or not I will be, though, is another matter, but I’ll definitely keep reading in the meantime ……

  6. hi grandad many thanks for your enteraining blogs over the past few years .i rarely contribute (TOO SHY) but never miss  a day without reading  sincere best wishes to your good self and your family including penny cheers eamonn.

  7. Good on yer! And many of em!  Better to be around than a square πŸ˜‰  Remember the 60’s when if you weren’t “with it” you were square?  Of course you do!

  8. Well, color me impressed! Well done and all that. It hardly seems 10 years and yet it seems you’ve been there all along. Funny that.

    Okay, so your post here made me check back on JT just to see what sort of blather I first posted and according to the archives it was February 2nd, 2006. But so do 10 subsequent posts so I had to wrack my brain to remember why this was (it hurt–a lot). After a couple of aspirin and a lie down I finally recalled that it was due to a migration from WordPress[dot]com to my own hosted site/blog and the exporting/importing of data 10 years ago was iffy at best.

    So you and I started a bout the same time, more or less, and it’s always been a comfort to me knowing you were there if I ever needed someone to hassle harass converse with in the comments section of HR.

    Carry on, sir. Carry on.

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