I have been working on this damn site trying all day to get it to work.

This is the new site. 

Run it through a speed test and it's blazingly fast.

But it's only blazingly fast when the test site can fucking find it.

And therein lies the problem.  For reasons I cannot fathom it takes the Interweb an age to find it, but once it finds it, it runs like the clappers.

And if anyone suggests switching back to the old site – that has the same problem.


Speed test


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Blazes — 18 Comments

  1. I agree with Sam Keith, my big concern now is that my bastard setup often times-out which is really annoying, soon be time for a bit of percussive maintenance with the big hammer. Don’t give up, you are a lifeline for old cruds like me.

    • It may be a lifeline for you but it will be the death of me.  I have been hitting it with hammers all day, and now all the new paint is dented again. 

  2. And once I posted the reply, it took maybe a minute – and my reply doesn't show. Although that's been the case for a while now. If I refresh the page, my reply shows up, but otherwise, not.

    • I have a very vague inking as to why it works for you [bar the comment bit] and no one else.  Even I keep getting time out messages and I run the damn thing.  Anyhows I have made a major change to the domain which I hope will cure things but it will take time to work.

  3. Came here via Dick's place. In the past that could be very slow if I clicked on the post for that day. It was generally faster if I just went to the index page.

    Today it was very slow indeed – and that was to the index page. Getting on to the comments was – as others have mentioned – simply boring. But. As usual. Worth it.

    • I couldn't count the number of times I have been in and out of the site [including the Engine Room] so you can imagine just how frustrating it is.  I have spent half the afternoon making mugs of tea just waiting for the fecking thing to load!

      And flattery will get you nowhere. 

      [the cheque is in the post]

      • Oh great, another one that'll bounce!

        On a more serious note, I am very pleased indeed that you've got rid of those irritating flags that used to go up beside comments. Hope that's deliberate.

        • I got rid of them once before and had complaints.  They are actually quite handy from my point of view, as it helped confirm visitors' identity.  If for example a UK reader suddenly started commenting from China or Sweden it's a fair indicator that the account has been compromised.  I actaully miss them, but they did slow the page down, just a little.

  4. Its blindingly fast here or is it there? Trouble is I am never sure.

    Even works blindingly fast on the badly broken Firefox 49.

    There has clearly been a movement in the force and you should get your application in to the jedi council while it lasts.

  5. Aha, seems that whatever you did down in the Engine Room has addressed the problem. Well, at least for me it has.

    I could've waited though 😉

  6. Indeed the problem has been resolved.  Paradoxically it was the network I had been using to speed things up! 

    Having rebuilt the site, and beautifully fucking it up, you'll all be pleased to know that I still haven't moved it to another server.

    More down-time ahead?

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