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  1. Grandad,
    Good luck with all your endeavours; I feel your pain. while working at height I trust you’ll apply with all relevent health an’ safety directives and also cordon off all roads for miles around – just in case.
    When the fellow fitted the new satellite dish it was done standing on an extension flat roof. However, he needed a short lader to get up there – 8 ft – he told me he was obliged to drill into the brickwork to anchor a stay between the wall and his ladder to prevent it slipping. He informed me that my offer to stand at the bottom, although it’d work, was not allowed. I just shook my head as, indeed, did he.

    • I used to work with ladders in the dim distant past.  Some were three-extension ones, but most were two extension.  Never tied off the top as the ladder was constantly being moved.  Fell off a few times.  Never did me any harm apart from a bruised ego.

      How did your dish bloke tie off the top of the ladder without climbing the ladder when it was untied?  I often wondered about that one.

      • Grandad,

        This cunning stay was close to the bottom to prevent slipping out the way. The top could, apparently, do wot it wanted.

  2. Erm, Incorrectly?

    Good luck with the building project. Sounds like a nightmare. But then just installing and customising some new software is a big deal for me

    • Damn!  Smartarse.

      I'm only rebuilding this site [am doing that at the moment] and then tomorrow, all going well, about six or seven sites – including this one – have to be moved onto new servers.  That will involve a load of tweaking and adjusting and that's when the breakdowns may occur.  I'm just thanking Karma that I don't have to move all the sites!

  3. The word incorrectly is always spelled incorrectly which is correct unless it is spelled incorectly in which case incorrectly would have been spelled incorrectly and not be correct. Or summat like that.

  4. Hope you got planning permission Grandad I would not want to see you breaking any EU laws.


  5. pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis, is one I've never had to spell incorrectly.

    (a word that refers to a lung disease contracted from the inhalation of very fine silica particles, specifically from a volcano; medically, it is the same as silicosis)

    Next time you go near a volcano light up a Galoise or Marlboro – cool as a mountain stream.

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