Planned anarchy — 4 Comments

  1. The law is a cunt and always has been. Designed to protect those with money and land. A simple ruse for rich folk to gain money from us simple folk by unpronounceable  jargon. Anyway, if the law was any good it should have pounced on me when I was  a tearaway in my 20s. No, I got away with mayhem then. So perhaps, I' m paying the 'tax penalty', now?

    • I have gotten away with a few things in the past all right [and the present is no exception!].

      Whenever I hear someone tell me I have to do something because "It's the LAW", they get a resounding "fuck off" in return.  It may be their law but it isn't mine.

    • Sure I do that anyway.  It's a small pub with select clientele.  Outsiders get turfed out.  And before you ask which pub, I ain't sayin'!

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