I have been busy today, being on my holidays.

Here in Ireland we're having what is probably our Summer, before the real Summer sets in, when it becomes cloudy and not very inviting.

I decided to make the most of it today.  I decided to go on my holidays in the garden.  Seeing as I won't be going anywhere this year [barring unforeseen events] I thought I deserved a day to myself.  However, whenever I sit in the garden I see so many things that need doing that I spend my days supervising Herself as she does the things that need doing.

Today I decided I was somewhere else.  I'm not trying to delude myself that I'm in the South of France or anything like that [I’m not daft!], just convincing myself that I'm in the garden but that said garden is someone else's responsibility.  So if I see something that needs doing, I just tell myself that I'm on my holidays and that someone else can damn well look after it.

So I spent the day [so far] just sitting in a deck chair with a mug of tea, a good book and my pipe.  Perfect bliss.

Whoever owns this garden though is a right fucking slacker though.  The grass needs cutting, there are nettles everywhere and the brambles are totally out of hand. 

I don't give a fuck though as I'm on my holidays.

And so is Penny.

Penny lying on the terrace


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Giving out to myself — 6 Comments

  1. Your garden is just fine. The mature trees are excellent for the grandchildren to play hide-and-seek with Penny. The South of France and the Black Sea in eastern Bulgaria can go and take a running jump for all we care in this sunny Irish swelter. I treated myself and companion to a '99' ice cream cone after lunch today (one each, why share?)

    • Just in from a baked afternoon!  The grandkids love the garden.  Apart from all the trees to be climbed [and there are loads] there are all sorts of hidden areas that look from the outside like large bushes but underneath are open areas big enough to stand up in.  It is pure heaven for adventurous kids!

  2. Gardens are great. Consider yourself lucky enough to even have one. It was one of the last things my parents actually enjoyed doing together before they got divorced, doing the yardwork, and they were able to keep it immaculate, until we moved out and some sod moved in and ripped the flower beds out. C'est la vie.

    • The one thing I have never taken for granted is the gardens.  I have left large areas grow wild and as a result the place is full of wildlife, and birds in particular.  If nothing else it's a grand excuse not to work those parts of the land!  The rest I keep as reasonably tidy as I can and there is nowt better that sitting out there listening to the birds roar their heads off!

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