Democracy and hypocrisy — 13 Comments

  1. It's hilarious. I have two Yanks in the family, one's my stepmum. They are freaking out. Funny as fuck.

  2. I would trump that, (if you'll excuse the pun). If he landed in Cork, (like), and made his way to anti-social Mayfield, I'd actually take him to the 'Cotton Ball' boozer and buy the baldy coot a pint of locally brewed "Kerry Lane," beer, though I wouldn't drink that acidic piss myself naturally. A hundred thousand welcomes Donny, I'd say and make him drink the lot of it.

    • If he's used to that horse's piss they call beer Over There, then he would probably love it.  Tey havent a clue when it comes to beer or spirits.

  3. I'd play toss ha'penny or snakes & ladders with Trump; but in a game of poker a Smith & Wesson always beats four aces.

  4. I hail from America and I cannot fucking stand that poor excuse for a human carrot. The media really blows up that man's popularity. "Democracy" here is nothing more than the rich staying rich and stepping on whomever they please to stay that way. Many of us feel our hands are tied, we don't want these clowns in office.

    • The weird thing is that he does seem to have the popular vote, seeing as he hasn't been chucked out on his ear yet.

      Here in Europe, things are a lot worse – we get an bunch of absolute fuckwits to choose from, but the outcome is completely irrelevant as we are ruled by a bunch of unelected dictators over in Brussels anyway.

  5. My opinion is "as ye sow so shall ye reap"

    The western political establishment has for the last 20 years been piling the BS on the electorate virtue signalling like crazy and putting the rights of minorities as higher than those of the majority.

    By trying to please all of the people all of the time they have failed miserably.  There isn't a statesman amongst them.

    The media gets all po faced about Trump but forget what's happening in their own back yards (Austria, Germany, Denmark,France are all seeing rising support for right wing politics)

    So what if the yanks want to vote Trump in or worse still that shrieking harridan Clinton this is the natural backlash as a result of 20 odd years of PC clowning around.

    • It's time we started putting up a few Trumps of our own.  The whole Western political landscape seems to have been taken over by banks and quasi-dictators.  Even here in Ireland we have little or no choice at election time, as the two main parties speak with one voice so an election makes little or no difference.

      There is a wave of disillusionment sweeping across the world. 

      • In Kerry, they got the sthraight talking Healy-Ray brothers elected to the Dail. Grandad, we've got to elect more Independents to shake the system up. Now would you show us the photo of that bearded candidate from Wicklow who scored about 147 votes in the last election? Is he running again?

  6. A much as I disagree with a lot of what he says everyone I know is against him so I piss them off by saying I think hes great 🙂


    btw your main page is showing up funny..prob some bad character in the CSS file 🙂

    • What gets him the popular vote is that he doesn't talk Political Speak.  Mind you, Clinton is a raving lunatic too so it's Hobson's Choice!

      Showing funny is an apt description!  The site is all but fucked.  Time for a rebuild!

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