I scribbled up my little piece yesterday, and as usual assumed people would ignore it.

I received a couple of comments which was very nice but then I had other things to do, so I left my laptop to have a well earned doze.

In the course of doing my other things I realised we were running low on some household essentials like tea, milk and bread.  No problem – time to order some groceries.  Oh the joy of shopping on-line!

Except that I couldn't.

I tried to hook into the shop on the Interweb but something was drastically wrong.  That little circley thing kept circling and there was no sign of the shop.  Fuck!  I tried a couple of other sites.  Nothing.  Fuck!  No Interweb.  Fuck fuck!

I left it.  There was no point in sitting looking at a blank screen and anyway I was tired so I did other things unti late evening when I checked again.  Still no Interweb.

It was back this morning.  I see I managed to unintentionally ruffle a few feathers too with yesterday's scribble so I had a lot of reading to do.  Everything is fine, but I still pondered as to why it had shut down last night. 

Then I remembered.

Apparently the Associated Press have decided in their infinite wisdom that the Interweb should not have a capital I.  It shall henceforth be known as interweb, according to them.  They can fuck off.  In my book the Interweb deserves a capital I simply because there is only one of it, and anyway my spell checker has just complained that I spelled Interweb with an i.  So this explains the mystery of the vanished connection – obviously the Interweb had had a little token strike.  Well I [and my spell checker] fully support it in its industrial action.  Solidarity Brothers!

The AP have also decided to give me a little lecture on the structure of the Interweb.  They are telling me that there is a difference between the Internet, the World Wide Web, email and all the other shit that goes on out there.  I know all that, but if they think I'm going to strain my fingers by typing World Wide Web all the time, they have another think coming.  That's why I call it the Interweb – Web sitting inside the Internet – simple.

So the associated press [let’s see how they feel being lower-cased] can politely rev up and fuck off with their little dictat.  I ain't playing ball.

And I just hope the Interweb appreciates this little message of solidarity, and will see me as a friend and not cut me off again.

Not until I have done the shopping anyway.

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