Imagine the scenario –

A bloke goes into a pub for a couple of pints.  He meets an attractive woman and they get chatting.  They get on well and decide to go back to her place for a nightcap.  Nature takes it's course and before long they are playing naked wrestling.  After a night of unbridled [or bridled if she’s into that sort of thing] passion they say their farewells and everyone is happy [except maybe the bloke’s wife if she finds out].

There's a bloke in the UK who can't do that.

For some reason that completely eludes me, he has to give the police 24 hours notice if he wants to have a drop of nookie.

What the fuck is that about?  [well I suppose it is about fuck, but you know what I mean?].

Our bloke meets his nice and willing stranger in the pub.  She invites him back to her place and he apologises and says he has to phone the Boys in Blue first and can he have a shag tomorrow?  Now I would call that a bit of a passion killer? 

Maybe he phones the Law and tells 'em he plans on going out for a pint the following night, where he might get lucky and is that OK with them?

Or maybe they want to plant hidden cameras?

Or maybe when they get the name of the woman they know they're on to a good thing and pass her name around the station?

Or maybe he says fuck the police and fucks the woman anyway?  What's the crime? 

Suppose he is in a lasting relationship a sex maniac who demands non-stop servicing?  He is going to have one massive phone bill?

So many questions; so few answers.

Once again I have the feeling I have dropped into a parallel universe.

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Making a quickie last twenty four hours — 4 Comments

  1. It's a strange court prohibition; but maybe the police know something about that man's character and sexual history that we ordinary punters can't know until further court proceedings have taken place.

    • It is very strange.  What are the police supposed to do with the information?  Do they call on the woman and have a chat?  That would make for a nice bit of foreplay?

  2. This is some new order that plod can make if he thinks that the "perp" got away with it (aka acquitted, case dropped for lack of any evidence, allegation was false all along, etc). It has the advantage, like the "ASBO" (anti-social behavior order) of not needing any evidence and allowing criminal penalties to be imposed for something that isn't a criminal offense.

    It's on the same theme as the current UK thinking, briefly stated thus:

    "There are some crimes, and these include terrorism and sex crimes, that are so serious that lack of evidence, or mere innocence, should be no defense"

    Fun, eh?

    • So expanding on that logic anyone wishing to plant a bomb should give the police 24 hours notice?  That makes a lot of sense.  Maybe they should roll it out further and say that anyone thinking of committing any crime should give notice of the fact?  That would save an awful lot of trouble and detection.  The place would be crime free in no time.  Or within 24 hours anyway…..

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