I tried to be nice.

I tried to be understanding.

I tried to be sympathetic.

But still that's not good enough.

Dear Supershadow still isn't happy with me.

You had to do it didnt you. You know there's only 2 degrees of separation between your blog and some of the most famous people in the world that I collaborate with.

I had to do what?

I refer of course to your article http://headrambles.com/2015/12/22/star-squib/.

Clearly an end of year provocation from you. You're the only blogger I know who has scorn for Star wars The Force Awakens. Well you're not getting this fish to bite.

Heh!  Clearly I did.

I have better things to be doing.

Obviously not.

Myself and my friends have seen this film 25 times now since its release and We intend to make sure that it knocks  2009's  Avatar from the top, making it the biggest box office hit of all time.

Why not just obtain a DVD?  If you are so close to the makers of the film as you claim then I'm sure they could make one for you?

We were actually personally thanked for our efforts from the owner of the Beverly Boulevard cinema.  This is the greatest film of all time and harrison ford was worth every penny of his 34 million.

I'm sure he did thank you.  A crowd of loonies keep buying seats in his cinema so that's a nice little earner for him.

You whinge about the location filming on the skellig islands? Let me tell you my friend JJ Abrams could easily have replaced your precious rock with a beautiful CGI island. That part of your country is a deprived third world area with no Cinemas or Wifi so  it will benefit financially.

Seagulls and puffins have no need for cinemas or wifi on The Skelligs.  Or do you mean West Kerry?  It might surprise you [it certainly surprises me] to know that they already have fiber broadband down there.  Fuckit, I don't have fiber here so that must make me fourth world?

Every night we watch this film there are tears in our eyes when the credits open. Thats the passion of a true star wars fan.

That's OK.  There are tears in my eyes as I read this.

You are either lacking goal driven passion or you lack passion driven goals. This film empowers women. The main protagonist is a woman who is a leader. Contrast this to chauvinism on your blog. Even the Millennium falcon has wheel chair access. 

Wheelchair access is pretty progressive all right, especially in an era where building planet sized space stations is no problem.  I'd have thought they would have created some kind of hover-chairs?  Please don't tell me the Millennium Falcon is a no smoking zone too?  That would shatter all my illusions.

The antagonists in this film are called  the first order. In many ways a metaphor for the organised climate skeptism in our own world. Those who do not wish to be inclusive.

And you even pass a smart remark about me wanting to get into ewan mcgregors britches?

I don't think I ever mentioned your wanting to get into Mr McGregor's britches?  Could this be a Freudian slip on your part?  Do you secretly hunger for Ewan's embrace? Do your loins get all tingly at the sight of him?

Well Grandad you of all people should know my orientation. You've seen my hot girlfriend Amber Castlerose on my former website. Jealous much?

Jealous much?  I assume you are asking if I am jealous?  Why on earth should I be jealous of a photograph?  Anyone can rip off a photograph on the Interweb and claim ownership.  And anyway looks aren't everything as you should know, being all wise and full of The Force.

I will leave you with a scene study I directed for actor Cory Morr some years back.  No special effects or blue screen. It may convert you.


Oh dear oh dear.  My advice is to stick with the day job [if you have one].  I don't think you are quite cut out for the director's chair.

Have a pleasant holiday



“As you would expect, all information regarding SuperShadow is above top secret (classified at the highest level). Mysteriously and very enigmatically, nothing is known about SuperShadow except that SS is very close, personal friends with JJ Abrams, the Director of Star Wars. -The Force Awakens)

SuperShadow played a crucial role in the development of The Force Awakens. Many fan ideas submitted at SS.com were integrated by Abrams into the final script. Abrams has acknowledged many times in public that SuperShadow is the best thing to ever happen to Star Wars."

May you have a pleasant holiday too, SS [in between viewing “The Force Awakens”], and have a Happy New Year.

May the farce be with you.



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The Farce Awakens — 17 Comments

  1. I saw the movie.  It was OK.  It was just another StarWars kinda flick.  Nothing to write home about.  Bits of excitement and bits of corny acting followed by all kinds of special effects.  That's about it, it was just OK.


  2. Now why was I expecting a post like this? Just a feeling I suppose?

    And you can buy SuperShadow.com with just about any type of currency–just not Republic credits.

    • You know me better than I know myself.  I wasn't expecting it.

      Maybe I should buy supershadow.com and post all his emails there?

  3. well happy new year grandad..that link made me laugh..you should see his terminator video 😉  that deserves to be viral

  4. Just saw this ping. Can’t believe that delusional wanker is still claiming my photo as his girlfriend. Probably the closest thing the poor dear has ever had to a girlfriend though.

    • Welcome to my wee spot Kitta!  I take it you're not too flattered at the idea?  He' a harmless enough twat who seems to have taken a shine to me, and keeps sending me emails telling me how wrong I am about everything [and I mean everything].  He makes good material for this site though!

      • Thank you. I'm more amazed he's STILL spreading his bullshit. I mean, you have to give it to him for sticking with it.

        I'm glad he's a source of entertainment and content. At least he's good for something. 😉

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