I do wish that tax crowd would leave me alone.

Not content with ripping me off wholesale for all my working life, they are now plaguing me with emails.

It started a couple of months ago when they wrote to me to say they owed me some money – €223.56 to be precise.  Now I have a reflex response to letters and mails from Revenue and that is a simple Bin or Burn.  I binned it.

They wrote to me again saying they had €223.56 of a refund and could I please send them details on how to pay it to me.  Now I'm not sure whether it's the same €223.56 or a different one.  I binned it.

They wrote again.

I now have a total of 60 demands for me to collect that fucking €223.56.  Or maybe they are separate refunds in which case they now owe me €13413.60.  They can fuck off.

They changed tack a few weeks ago and decided they actually owe me €469 and even itemised it showing a breakdown for each of the last three years.  There was no mention of the €223.56 though so maybe that's a separate issue?

Since then I have received a further 30 mails whining about this €469 they owe me, or maybe that adds up to €14,070 in separate rebates?  Or maybe this is a different rebate from the first one and they now owe me a total of €27483.60?

I think I'll hang on a bit longer and see if it racks up any more.   

Leastwise I don't know why they want details of my bank account.

The cunts don't have to ask if there is a deduction involved.

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Tax rebate — 6 Comments

  1. My OH does  a funds disposal service if you want to avail of it. I could get her people to talk to your people if you wish!

  2. Do you have any Nigerian friends who have emailed you lately? You could send them an email telling them you have a large amount of money (these sums are relative to the local economy) which you need to move out of the country, but you don't happen to have a Nigerian bank account. I'm sure they'd provide you with bank account details for you to pass on to the Inland Revenue.

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