So the Australians are petitioning to change their currency?

I happen to think that the idea of the Dollarydoo is an excellent one.  It's distinctive and memorable and wouldn't involve anything other than reprinting the currency.

Why can't we do the same here?

Now I know we are tied firmly into the wet dream of the Fourth Reich – the Euro, but surely there must be some way of showing our individuality?  I have given the matter some considerable thought and I propose we merge the new name with the old.  Merge The Euro and the Punt to give us the new name?

I give you The €unt.

This new currency would have many advantages.  It would retain the € symbol thereby reassuring other countries that we are still a member of The Great Disaster that's the Euro, and would also mean that all Irish computer keyboards wouldn't have to be replaced.  However it would distinguish itself by reminding us of the old currency which is after all part of our heritage.

The €unt coins and notes would remain more or less as they are with just a little reprinting, but I can guarantee they would become collectors items. 

Just imagine the national pride in the new currency!  We would all feel that warm glow of Irishness as we stand at the checkout and listen to the girl informing us that our bill is 127 €unts.

We could change the name of the coinage too.  To avoid confusion we could just change the spelling from Cents to Scents, and there would still be 100 Scents in a €unt.  Who wouldn't want to buy a packet of fags for 10 €unts and 50 Scents?

I would also propose that next year on the 1916 centenary we introduce a new special commemorative note called The Dáil with a value of 166 €unts.

The more I think of it, the better the idea becomes.

All in favour?


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Introducing a new currency — 10 Comments

  1. Well I think that would be the one thing that might get me off my lazy ass to visit Ireland.  I'd love to come home and say, Sorry I don't have any Dollars.  I have a wallet full of Cunts.


    • The world wasn't ready then but I think it is now.

      Come to think of it, it would require less work to convert Cents to Cunts instead of Scents?

      100 Cunts to the €unt?

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