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  1. Odd, I also had to be up ridiculously early today to attend the (nearly) local hospital for ultrasound scans.  After waiting only about two hours, a very nice gentleman arrived and set up his kit.  After about an hour of rolling around and taking deep breaths, I began to turn purple.  Then he started the scans.

    It's amazing to be able to see your insides.  Apparently, there is a marble-sized gallstone loose, seeking a way out.  "We'll let your doctor know the results" he said.  Just have to wait for a month or so before they eventually tell me. Just love modern medical practices.  On the other hand, as the lengthy procedure was over by 9 am, I did get a full day's shopping out of it.  The wife enjoyed herself immensely.

    • I confess I have never seen inside myself [and I'm not really sure I want to] but I have certainly seen what Herself is made of.

      Don't they treat gallstones by making them explode inside you?  They shatter them [in a ball of flame?] leaving you to piss out the debris?  Something else I think I would prefer to avoid.

      As for shopping……..  Meh!

  2. So, it's been a week or more. Are ya' dead or what? I take it that you're not since you've written several more posts since then–unless you're what they call a ghost writer? In that case, I apologize for missing the funeral.

    And I'm really glad that herself is doing alright.

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