Teaching cynicism — 3 Comments

  1. You know, the strange thing is, if he came out in the morning and announced he was scrapping the water charge he would get re-elected and a lot of Fine Gaelers too. People I meet every day are not complaining any more, they all have new cars on lease, there's a few bob around still. Labour on the other hand are fcuked.

    • You are probably right – it would be a huge vote catcher.  However you must realise that when it comes to water charges the wishes of Brussels trump the voter any day.  They have the final say, not the electorate.

      • Wellll he could scrap the 'water' charge to get re-elected then add it on to the property tax after! QED  You can fool some of the people all the time. Hands up who remembers Garret Fitzgerald getting elected by promising to give every stay at home wife £9.60 a week? After the election he just took the money from the spouse's salary and 'gifted' it to the wife.

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