We are constantly hearing about the evils of Big Tobacco.

Big Tobacco, we are told, is in the business of selling a product that they know kills, and are desperately advertising to children to rebuild their customer base.

Let's take a look at this.

First of all, Big Tobacco are a business like any other business.  They are there to provide a product and to make a profit as a result.  Millions of people around the world enjoy that product and derive great benefit from it.  There has never been any conclusive proof that the product kills anyone, and there has never been a death where smoking has been proved to be the cause.  Every single death where smoking was claimed to be the cause could have been caused by other factors.

Big Tobacco must be one of the most heavily regulated businesses in the world.  Which ever way they turn, the Anti-Smoker movement snipes at them, introducing harsher regulations to the point of farce.  They are even being accused of making a deliberate attempt to undermine public health and are excluded from any discussions or debates in case they somehow might put up a defense.

Big Tobacco is not unlike Big Auto.  They too provide a product that is used by the millions and occasionally that product kills.  Unlike smoking however there is no doubt or confusion over the cause of death of those victims – they were driving a car at the time and they died as a result.  Cars also produce tons of carcinogenic pollution which in turn causes many deaths [passive driving?].  We never hear of Big Bad Auto however?  I wont even touch on Big Armaments.

But let's look at big Pharma.

Now here is an industry that produces a product that kills on a massive scale.  They claim their produce is for the benefit of health and wellbeing but in practice their primary concern is profiteering to the detriment of those with medical problems.  Their produce is foisted on a public who know little about what is being prescribed, yet that same public runs the risk of side effects which are rarely mentioned and in some cases produce lifetime debilitations.  One only has to look at Thalidomide or Chantix to see the dangers inherent in prescription drugs.  And even the lesser side effects frequently require further medication to alleviate the problem which is a win-win for Big Pharma.

Prescription drugs are now causing more deaths than illegal drugs or car accidents, yet we never hear a murmur as they are portrayed as "the good guys".  What's more, those deaths are documented unambiguous deaths, unlike "deaths from smoking" which are mere statistics produced by mathematical models and dubious questionnairs.

Big Tobacco is now excluded from any discussion or debate which directly affects their business.  They are shunned and even those who might have the remotest connection with them are treated like pariahs.  Yet Big Pharma are welcomed with open arms.  They spend millions lobbying on their own behalf forcing sales of questionable vaccinations and useless smoking cessation products and no one turns a hair.

The Anti-Smokers seems to think their killer argument is to ask "are you being funded by Big Tobacco?".

The response should be "are you being funded by Big Pharma?"!

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Who is the bad guy? — 7 Comments

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  2. I did not feel so good after my doctor prescribed statins for my slightly high cholesterol. I felt a sore skin, I could not sleep (4 hours a night) and I thought my memory was not so good. My doctor said: get used to it.

    I went on an internet tour for in total 36 hours. The first thing I learned was that cholesterol is very important for your brain. Don´t mess with that. 

    Today I do not take statins. I feel fine. No sore skin. I sleep till my wife tells me that it´s enough. And I remember that I had to comment this.

    Advice: check for yourself, not even your doctor is to be trusted! 

    I do not know if I am on the right track. It feels like if it is like fifty-fifty. This is my path and for one reason only — I feel like a million!

    For those with heart conditions and the like I would go for the doctor. But I´m perfectly healthy.



    • Aha!  Statins….  I have experience of those lads  and wouldn't touch them with a bargepole.  The UK gubmint loved them so much they were talking about giving them to every adult in the population but luckily [for the population] they changed their minds.  They have the potential to be a very dangerous drug with very nasty side effects.

  3. In case you haven't seen it there's some interesting stuff on statins and other medical concerns at Dr Malcomn Kendrick's blog (address below). Good to have the opinion of an actual doctor in actual practice, rather than an academic or similar industry shill.


    Also GD, I was wondering if Big Pharma are behind the lack of generic medicines here in Ireland. When I moved here from Blighty, one of the (very few) negatives was the price of treating my migraines and dodgy knees. Ibuprofen must be more than 10 times the price here!

    • Many thanks for that link.  Some very interesting [and scary] stuff in there.  It's going to take a lot of reading.

      I'm not too sure of the story behind generic drugs here.  I know any mediation tends to be excessively expensive, with some items costing twice as much and more than in the North.  Part of the problem is that doctors tend to prescribe branded items rather than the generic [I wonder why!].  I know there was a push by the gubmint to try to switch us to generic stuff, but it doesn't seem to have affected prices.

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