Liquid numbers — 5 Comments

  1. My only query at this stage about Water on Mars is this:- Will it have happy astrological effects if I mix it with vodka or whiskey?

    As for Irish Water payments:- I plead the 5th amendment. No comment, and that is not a comment. [This website is being monitored for training purposes.]

  2. I find all the shenanigans surrounding this business with Irish Water most odd. It's the 'voluntary with menaces' aspect that baffles me. Either they make meters mandatory, or they charge water rates (via tax or as a separate fee). That surely is the end of it.

    Here, if you don't have a private supply (well or whatever), then you have a meter. No choices. It's very cheap – I probably pay less than €150 a year – and is just one of those utility bills that appears with monotonous regularity.


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