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  1. I did not feel so good after my doctor prescribed statins for my slightly high cholesterol. I felt a sore skin, I could not sleep (4 hours a night) and I thought my memory was not so good. My doctor said: get used to it.

    I went on an internet tour for in total 36 hours. The first thing I learned was that cholesterol is very important for your brain. Don´t mess with that. 

    Today I do not take statins. I feel fine. No sore skin. I sleep till my wife tells me that it´s enough. And I remember that I had to comment this.

    Advice: check for yourself, not even your doctor is to be trusted! 

    I do not know if I am on the right track. It feels like if it is like fifty-fifty. This is my path and for one reason only — I feel like a million!

    For those with heart conditions and the like I would go for the doctor. But I´m perfectly healthy.



    • Aha!  Statins….  I have experience of those lads  and wouldn't touch them with a bargepole.  The UK gubmint loved them so much they were talking about giving them to every adult in the population but luckily [for the population] they changed their minds.  They have the potential to be a very dangerous drug with very nasty side effects.

  2. In case you haven't seen it there's some interesting stuff on statins and other medical concerns at Dr Malcomn Kendrick's blog (address below). Good to have the opinion of an actual doctor in actual practice, rather than an academic or similar industry shill.

    Also GD, I was wondering if Big Pharma are behind the lack of generic medicines here in Ireland. When I moved here from Blighty, one of the (very few) negatives was the price of treating my migraines and dodgy knees. Ibuprofen must be more than 10 times the price here!

    • Many thanks for that link.  Some very interesting [and scary] stuff in there.  It's going to take a lot of reading.

      I'm not too sure of the story behind generic drugs here.  I know any mediation tends to be excessively expensive, with some items costing twice as much and more than in the North.  Part of the problem is that doctors tend to prescribe branded items rather than the generic [I wonder why!].  I know there was a push by the gubmint to try to switch us to generic stuff, but it doesn't seem to have affected prices.

  3. I tend to blame Big Pharma for all medical malpractice just on general principles, seems like a good rule to me.

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