Quite a lot goes on in this site that you will never see.


I suppose you all think it's just a question of rolling out of bed, bashing a few keys and then fucking off to do my day's business?

There is quite a lot to be done.  There are spam messages which have to be cleaned out otherwise they clog up the drains.  I get a couple of thousand of those a week.  There is the occasional time where I take the database to bits and give it a good scrub and polish [it’s amazing how dusty databases can get if ignored].  There are backups.  Oh boy, the backups!!  Files to be created, downloaded and then stored in large cardboard boxes down in the shed.  It’s tedious, but it has to be done just in case the whole site gets fucked up [which does happen].  And then there are updates to be done, and the occasional round with a spanner and screwdriver to tighten up any loose screws or bolts.

Then there is security.

I don't know why, but there appears to be a large population out there determined to get into my engine room.  What the hell do they expect to find in there?  Is Supershadow desperately trying to get in so he can post his messages and inspire the world?  Are anarchists trying to hack in and spread the message of anarchy through my site?  I think I'm doing reasonably well without their help?

The way they do it is to write a programme that picks a user name and then floods the site with random passwords in the hopes of getting in.  The usual name they pick is "admin" which used to be the default user name, which I haven't used in years.  Lately they have been getting more inventive and have tried "[email protected]", "headrambles.com" and occasionally obscure ones like "wp-login.php?registration=disabled" or "wpengine".

Naturally I am not going to say how I do it, but I have a little yoke that sits in wait for these hackers, and if they try to guess a password they get locked out for a period of not less than 60 days with no remission or chance of appeal.  They aren't even allowed legal representation or indeed a fair trial.  It's off to the slammer and no arguing.

Lately they have been concentrating on this site.  Maybe it's the time of year?  Maybe they are bored with school holidays?  I don't know but they are trying at the rate of several dozens a day, and unfortunately I have to check each attempt to see if they are getting anywhere near my user name.  So far they they haven't come even remotely close but it's better to be careful?  Each one is sent screaming to the cells where they get no food or water and if they get hungry they can damn well catch one of the thousands of rats that abound down there. If you thought Abu Ghraib was bad, you should see my set up.  Fuck them.

I do wish they'd piss off though.

They are exceedingly tiresome.

And my dungeon is nearly full to capacity.

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Behind the scenes — 11 Comments

    • Good grief!  Most of my "guests" would give anything for a good belting around the head with a hurley.  It would be a blessed relief from the conditions they are enduring now.  They're resorting to cannibalism lately and the screams from the Plat du Jour can be quite horrific. 

  1. I do wonder what they expect to gain. It's not as if we are all using credit cards on your site, so hacking into your database would produce potentially profitable returns. And email addresses? I think most of us are wise to those emails from 'PayPal' telling us that there has been some unusual activity on our account, and please log in using THIS link so it can be sorted out. Yeah, sure. And since when did PayPal make spelling mistakes in their emails, eh?

    Or maybe they do it simply because they are a complete pain in the arse, and they want everyone to know it…

    • They gain absolutely nothing except to give me a pain in the arse.  After posting this I cleaned out the Spam folder.  Just went in and checked, to find three more pages of 'em.  I would just love to flood their fucking servers with virulent viruses. 

  2. I'm sure it takes a lot of your time maintaining the blog but it is down to someone just randomly finding the vitals needed to hack in. In a somewhat similar vein, whilst looking for a youtube video totally unconnected to anything you might post, I came across a video by 'headrambles' which may, or may not be yours. If it is, I totally enjoyed the 'Hell' video with Rowan Atkinson.

  3. I believe I have the same little yoke that you do  that lays in wait for these invaders from some sort of cyber hell. It's rather ironic that this security plugin keeps sending me a plethora of emails about infiltrators trying to break into the backend of my old site that is currently sitting in doldrums of the innerweb.Wouldn't it be wonderful if I could reprogram this security plugin so that every time someone tries to break into my old blog that the plugin calls this guy named Guido (You know, the guy with the slopping forehead, no neck and muscles in his earlobes?) who pays a visit to each and every one of the little asshats and teaches them all about Internet courtesy?

    • WordFence? 

      I did think it would be great to respond to each attack by sending them a virulent virus, but than how many of those "senders" are in fact people whose machines have been infiltrated and are just redirecting the spams?  I know my email address is sometimes used for spamming purposes [nothing I can do about that] because I get the occasional "Out of Office" reply.

  4. Oh, and the spell checker seems to be working fine now (thanks) but the paragraph thingy seems to be broken again. Never ending isn't it? 

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