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  1. You are getting closer to the Swedish way of thinking. Not me but our politicians. They are trying to convince us minions that cash is a thing of the past. We have today only one bank who is providing cash in the bank (Svenska Handelsbanken, my bank of course). We, the people, have to use the ATM. Period. That goes for Linda, 94, to!

    They, banks and politicians, is telling us that it is for our own good. We can get robbed if we carry cash. The goal is to take away all cash and force everybody to use some kind of card. 

    I am sure both you and I know what´s it all about. But we are getting there, I know because I´m swedish! Our gubmints are never embarrassed, they do as they please. On the other hand, I am at the time one step ahead;-)


    • There is one major difference between cash and credit cards is that cash leaves no trail, whereas every time we use a credit or debit card we leave a footprint for the gubmint to examine.  I decide to buy myself a new television or laptop and they decide I have obviously too much cash to throw around and that it would be much better [and safer] in their hands.

      How much longer before they just decide how much we need a week and just help themselves to the rest?

  2. "How much longer before they just decide how much we need a week and just help themselves to the rest?"

    Well, here in UK – until you require care in your dotage whereupon, unless they're taking your assets to pay for it, they'll take all your pension and give you the pocket money they think you need :/

  3. I pretty much entirely agree with you Grandad. We are in thrall of parasite states, themselves subjects of supra-national masters. On the rare occasion that the plebs arrive at the wrong decision by some error in “democracy” they are made to vote again till the right answer is achieved. And the oligarchs and their minions and wannabes (when they are not simply lining their pockets or otherwise slobbering in the trough) believe that all they do is for *our good* – as with C S Lewis’ most oppressive tyranny.
    And so many new laws, regulations and restrictions that one cannot hope not to transgress; one can only hope to stay under the ever-lowering radar.
    Fucked, we are (doom, doom).

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