I half watched a bit of the news last night.

It was the usual crap mainly about the "banking inquiry" or tribunal or whateverthefuck they call it – Dame Enda blaming everything on the other lot as if he hadn't been in any position to do anything about the fiasco.

Anyhows, they interviewed a couple of politicians and once again I was struck by the obsequious way they refer to each other as minister this and minister that.  Where the fuck does all this groveling come from?

When I meet up with Doc in a professional capacity I call him Doc, simply because he has a degree or something in veterinary medicine, or so he tells me.  It's a mark of respect which he has earned.  If I met with a professor I would call him Prof, because once again he has presumably earned the title through hard work. 

So why the blind fuck should I call a politician "minister"?

These cunts are nothing more than servants.  We elect them [well, I don’t but you know what I mean?], we pay them handsome salaries and they do a really crap job of work.  Not only are they incredibly incompetent employees but they treat themselves to lavish expenses, holidays abroad at the drop of a hat and even have the gall to set their own pay rates.  And when we finally get around to sacking them we are forced to pay them six figure pensions?

Why should I show them the slightest modicum of respect?

If I am running a business I consider it my right to march into any of my employees and to ask him to account for himself, so I should have the same rights with any politician.  I should be perfectly within my rights to meet any of them, without any appointment [why the fuck should I make an appointment to see someone I employ?] and ask them to account for themselves, and if I don't like what I hear I should have the right to give them a right tongue lashing and tell them to pull up their socks or else get the fuck out the door.

In my world 98% of the people I meet I treat on equal terms.  I treat all those with respect as I expect to be treated, as we are all humans together in a difficult world. 

Then there is the top 1% who I treat with a certain deference because they have either earned my respect or they happen to be an expert in their field.

Then there is the bottom 1%.  They are the leeches on society enjoying a free ride at my expense.  They are the bottom feeders and the knuckle draggers.  They give me no respect so I reciprocate in like terms.  They are the scum of society who deserve to be ignored or even treated with disdain.  If they call to my door they can damn well refer to me as Sir and I will call them whatever I feel like, and if I slam the door in their face [my usual reaction] that's their tough shit.

Minister my fucking hole.

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Tugging the forelock — 5 Comments

  1. Over here the Senators and Congressmen are called, "The Honorable…".  What horse hockey!  They are for the most part quite dishonorable people.

  2. Well summed up about those vassals who've lost the run of themselves, and the equally stupid mandarins who elect them and place them on a higher level to themselves.

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