As you may or may not be aware, I hate the word "blog".

I don't know what it is about the word but it's up there with "awesome" as a word that makes my hackles rise.  That, and the word "blogger".  As far as I am concerned Head Rambles is a site and I am the bloke who scribbles on it.  I have never found a more satisfactory word so "site" and "scribbler" will have to do.

Anyhows, on the subject of sites I have felt a little isolated for the last few years.  Over in the UK and in the States there are sites galore who rant and rail against the system, whereas here they all seem to have gone pink and fluffy.  Just looking at the categories for the Blog Awards here gives an idea of what I mean.  "Beauty", "Parenting", "Lifestyle", "Food and Drink"?  Where are the fuck are the slots for anarchists?  Where is the place for a good old bit of ranting about the world?  Humour?  There aren't any, and frankly there would be damned few entries under those categories if there were.

Irish "blogging" has gone soft.

Until now.

There is a new Kid on the Block.

I'm hoping for some real competition here.  I'm hoping for a site with a bit more meat on it than a fucking cookery site.  I'm hoping for a site that never ever mentions the word "fashion" unless it is in the most derogatory of terms.  And if he mentions hair styling I swear I will nuke his site.

He has only just started but so far he is rattling the right cages.

So, Ladies and Gentlemen ….

[*drum roll*] ….

I give you ….

Let's Express.

Go and give him some encouragement.


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New kid on the block — 12 Comments

  1. Me too……left a comment as well.  It must be very disheartening to keep writing posts and not have any comments.

    • He actually banged up several posts before going live – hence the lack of comments.  He's damned keen, I'll give him that.

  2. Ah yes, John Mallon. He's the man who fronts FOREST Ireland, I believe. I like him; he holds robust opinions and isn't afraid to articulate them. I've bookmarked that one, and will watch with interest.

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