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  1. Nice story. My mother, a never-smoker, used to love the smell of pipe tobacco. My father had a brief dalliance with a pipe when he was in his twenties, but gave up when he went to war. My grandfather used to smoke cigarettes, but they did for him. Cut down in his prime at 86, doubtless from a 'smoking related' disease. (What's the name of that 'smoking related' disease, now? 'Old age' or something?)

  2. I knew an old country shop with an elm wooden counter. There was a bacon slicer at one corner. People came from far and wide to buy thick, freshly cut slices of cured rashers. The shop also sold tobacco for pipe smokers. Any time I entered that shop I smelled cured bacon and plug tobacco. The old man who owned the shop passed away and the premises became a hairdressers. Somehow the smell of shampoo and hair dryers doesn't have the same allure.

  3. I have said it before [probably more than once] that I often get comments from people about the pipe aroma.  I have lost count of those who said it reminded them of their father or grandfather.  Sadly pipe smoking is a relative rarity in this neck of the woods, so I consider it my civic duty to puff away and bring back all those fond memories.  I wonder if I could get a grant from the gubmint?

  4. So are you saying that smoking doesn't make any difference to the age you die?? 

    • Welcome, Lucy!  I have done a lot of reading up on the subject and I have yet to see proof that it makes any difference.  There are countless reasons why a person dies at any age, and smoking is possibly only one of those.

      Looking at the subject logically, the only possible way to determine the effect of smoking is to measure a non-smoker's lifespan and to then somehow go back in time, get him [or her] to start smoking and see what difference there is.  It's very easy to say that someone "died from smoking" but there is no possible way of knowing if that person would have died at the same time from the same causes if they had hadn't smoked.

    • I couldn't find Condor on my holidays and resorted to Mellow Virginia and Maltan. They brought back memories as I used to smoke 'em but was glad to get back to my Condor again!

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