For the second time in as many months, they have announced the launch of Blog Awards Ireland 2015.

This time though they are serious.

There is a small problem however.  I can't enter.

You see they have given a list of categories and I don't fit in any of them.  I sent the nice people a nice email asking why they hadn't included such golden oldies as "Personal" and "Humour".  I explained nicely that my humble efforts wouldn't fit into any of their categories.  I got a nice email back asking for a link to this and they said they would have a look and tell me what category to apply in.

I haven't heard from them since.

Now maybe they took one look and realised that I would win either [or both] categories of Personal and Humour outright and they didn't want to embarrass all the other hopefuls, or maybe they are still scratching their heads.  I don't know because they haven't told me.

Maybe I would fit into a category or two?  Here they are –

Art and CultureWell, I am pretty fucking cultured?

Food and Drink.   I have mentioned food occasionally, and Guinness once or twice?

AutomotiveWhat the fuck?  Does complaining about a leaky boot count?

Health and WellbeingWell yes I could fit in here.  I'm sure they appreciate all my tips on the health benefits of smoking?

BeautyI am beautiful.  I can't deny it.

LifestyleAnother WTF moment.  What the hell can fit into that category? Vegans, Cyclists and Yoga freaks?

Irish LanguageI'm Irish and I write language.  Or do they mean as Geilge?

DiasporaI sometimes think I live in a foreign land.  Does that count?

Marketing and CommunicationsThere are a couple of advertisements buried deep in the bowels of the site.  Do they count?

ParentingNo mention of Grandparenting?  That's blatantly ageist.

Digital & TechnologyThis site runs on a server which is digital and technological?

PhotographyAh yes.  I have included quite a few photographs of mine in the past.

Educational & Science I don't know about science but this site is definitely educational!

TravelDid I mention I have just been to West Cork?

EntertainmentNow this is one I could choose, but I have a sneaky feeling they want sites that rabbit on about music and cinema.

YouthBest ignored.

Innovation.  Eh?  What? 

FashionHas anyone noticed the preponderance of beards lately?  That only started because I have extolled the beauty and convenience of mine.  I am truly a fashion icon.

So there you have them.  No mention of personal ramblings, humour or even sport?  Very fucking strange.  Any suggestions?

A strange feature of their site is that there is one form for me to fill in [where I have to select a category], but anyone in the world can nominate me without choosing a category.  Furthermore if you nominate me, they only get the web address and won't have a clue how to contact me.

If you want to play around with them, the nomination for a site owner is here, and anyone else can nominate here.

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Blog Awards Ireland again — 5 Comments

    • Many thanks!  I wonder what category they'll stick me in?  "Best Blog of an Irritating Old Fucker up the Mountains"?

  1. Lazy bunch of twits running this thing I think. Removed categories like "Best Personal blog" and "Best Humor blog" probably because they didn't want to bother sorting through all the nominations for either category when all they had to do was to proclaim you the winner for both.

    I got no sympathy for 'em.

    By the way, the nomination form doesn't even include a category field which makes me wonder if these twits know what their doing at all. And I haven't nominated you yet because they want my surname and I'm sure they won't accept "M". Nobody gets the real one.

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