It’s all Greek to me — 10 Comments

  1. to be honest I've never understood why they started up this euro business in the first place

    • Simple.  The United States of America has the Dollar, so the United States of Europe has the Euro.  It's all part of the grand plan to lock us into their Fourth Reich.

  2. if the new currency is Rouble, then the Greeks should be all set. With all of those old buildings and temples falling apart there is plenty of Rouble just laying around. 

  3. Oh, I’m so glad I’m not the only confused one!  I do still suspect that the EU will pull something out of the bag at the eleventh hour, just out of sheer cussedness to stop those naughty, rebellious Greeks from escaping their clutches.  I mean, can you imagine? Allowing one of “their” captive States to escape and decide their own destiny? Unthinkable!  No, no.  Greece must be kept in, so that they can be economically punished for all time for daring to square up to The Bosses.  And – even more unthinkable – just imagine what would happen if Greece were to leave and were actually able to gradually recover their shattered economy?? The EU would be rumbled! Rumbled, I tell you!  The whole plan of making all their member states entirely dependent upon them (and their gracious goodwill) by gradually destroying their economies, inch by tiny inch, would be laid bare for all to see.  And then everyone would want to leave.  And we couldn’t have that, now, could we?


    I’m just sorry that the UK didn’t manage to bring the whole edifice crumbling down by pulling out of this daft EU game a long, long time ago.  It would have been nice for us to get the credit instead of Greece.  But, hey ho – if Greece has the guts that we haven’t, then so be it.  Any port in a storm and all that …

  4. I was going to write something rather ridiculous about the whole situation which would have involved the US, Cuba, Greece, 52 States, the US dollar, Russia and Brussels having all out seizures and other such nonsense, but I finally thought better of it. Good thing too as I'm certain I would have been much maligned about it.

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