We had a Spring Statement yesterday.

You might well ask what a Spring Statement is?

Its real name is a "We in gubmint have been screwing you within an inch of your lives, but we've just realised there is an election coming so we had better promise to throw a few crumbs back at you to show how much we want to be re-elected" Statement.  I suppose Spring Statement is easier on the tongue though?

I didn't listen to it.  It was half an hour of drone from Noonan [our Minister for High Taxes], who looks like an overfed parish priest and has the most incredibly boring, irritating drone of a voice.  I have better things to be doing than listening to that little shit. I gather that the gist of it is that he reckons he has an extra one and a half billion to "give" us each year for the next five years.

What the little cunt doesn't seem to realise is that he doesn't "have" all this money.  It is our money and it's not his to give.  He has stolen even more than he intended and because he is giving a little back to us, he is expecting praise for his largesse.  He is promising to give half our money back in the form of tax cuts and is going to spend the rest which is fucking big of him.  It's like a firing squad saying they will shoot you with only five bullets instead of six, and that they will pay for two of those bullets.  Big fucking deal.

For years now they have been heaping extra tax upon extra tax.  We have the iniquitous "Universal Social Charge" which was brought in years ago as an emergency and temporary tax.  We have the new Home Tax.  We have Water Charges. We have a new Broadcasting Tax looming.  All of those new taxes take no heed of income.  All are applied regardless of circumstance.  If Noonan has so much of our money, why doesn't he abolish these taxes?  He screams that our water system needs massive investment that the gubmint can't afford and that we have to pay extra, yet he then brags that he has surplus cash?

I presumably am supposed to be grateful to Noonan for promising me he'll soon give me back some of my money?  If he expects me to rush out on election day and vote for him and his cronies he had better think again.  Nothing, but nothing would entice me to vote for any of that shower.

However, if my life depended on my casting a vote, it would have to be for Clare Daly…….


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Here comes an election — 12 Comments

  1. A question kind sir if you could enlighten me with an answer t'would be appreciated..

    I have a god daughter and her boyfriend and a husband and wife combo I have known an awful long time both heading over the sea to Dublin for a coiple of days, what is it about Dublin that makes it a place for 27 year olds and a place for 50 year olds?

    • I'm very sorry to disappoint but you are asking the wrong person.  I haven't been near Dublin for many years [I think the last time was about twelve years ago, and that was a fleeting in-and-out trip].  Anything you would ask about Dublin, I would have to research on the Interweb, so you would be better off cutting out the middle-man and asking our mutual friend Mr Google.

      The only info I have on the city is what I hear in passing.  I believe the boardwalks on the Liffey are the place to go for drugs?  If you want to be ripped off unmercifully when going for a pint then head down Temple Bar?

  2. Spring Statement means they're going to spring an autumn election, promising that there will be growth in the spring. Keep to your electoral strategy of voting Independent, Grandad. That'll banjax their seasonal cheer.

    • They are already telling us about the growth.  It's all they ever talk about – fastest growing economy in the Eu, and all that bullshit.  Tell that to the thousands who are being evicted by the banks from their homes.  Tell that to the people who still can't afford to feed their kids.  The fat cats get fatter and the rest of us can suffer.

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