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    • I ain't dead yet!!

      The question is … lots of cute cuddly bullshit or the world as it is?

      Cute cuddly bullshit – I could keep going for a day or two.

      World as it is – I could go on forever.

      • The internet is chock full of cute cuddly bullshit. My wife is constantly demanding that I look at some video of yet another cuddly dog / cat / hamster / rabbit / piglet doing something vomit-inducingly cute. After which I need an antidote. It's the same as when she puts on some of her saccharine sweet boy-band music, I need to put on a Tom Waits album after just to restore the balance a bit and wash the cloying sweetness out of my ears.

        So keep pumping out the vitriol, GD. We need it.

  1. Your knuckles have been slightly rapped Grandad. Write something nice. Outline your concept of heaven, for example. Look at Picasso's cubist portraits of women in his life and then write a verbal description of the Ideal Woman.

    • Not even slightly.  There wasn't a frying pan in sight.

      Can I choose Rubens rather than Picasso?

      • Yeh sure, but I doubt whether the love life of Rubens was as 'colourful' as that of Picasso. Women in the paintings of Rubens are buxom and fleshy however. They could provide material for a nice post or two.

        • Are you kidding?  They could provide enough material for a couple of miles of motorway.

    • Have I impaled something?  Are you saying I'm cruel?  Or are you just implying that I'm dead?

      • 1 You spiked herselfs argument does that count.
        2 One only you can answer cruelty is subjective.
        3 If you are then so must I be. Not a problem.

    • Don't worry, Brianf.  I always ignore her, especially when she tries to tell me what to write.  I keep telling her she should resurrect her own site if she wants to be so picky, but she refuses.

  2. Here are my thoughts and feelings on this post of yours.


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