A toast to the Nanny State

I see another large turd has floated to the top of the cesspool.

Unit of alcohol should cost €1 – the same as litre of milk, says liver disease expert

We are all supposed to tug the forelock because he has a "professor" tacked onto his name?

How come this erudite and supposedly educated twonk then spouts shit such as

A recent Glasgow study showed the risk of dying from cirrhosis due to alcohol was directly related to the number of off-licences in an area, he said.
“So if there are a lot of off-licences – off-licence supermarkets and off-licences – that is associated with increased risk of death from liver failure.”

So according to this so called "expert", the availability of off-licences causes liver disease?  What fucking planet is he from?  Does it not occur to him that the number of outlets reflects the demand for alcohol, and does not reflect the cause?  By this idiots logic, if they opened a load of off-licences in the village here, we would immediately  be forced into alcoholism and rampant liver failure.  My four year old grandson would easily see the fallacy in his argument.

I hope you notice that this cunt [and his royal “we”] is already calling for restrictions on advertising and labelling of alcohol products?  Plain packs for alcohol, here we come.

He claims that “drinking alcohol is of no benefit to anyone in terms of health”.  This sentence alone displays the grey, dull, miserable world of the Puritan.  He overlooks such trivial matters as relaxation and enjoyment.  Everything has to be about health.

OK, I admit there is a problem with drink.  Some kids go out, get hammered and cause problems.  But hundreds of Antonias invite their friends around for a bottle of  Chablis and thousands of Pats go and have a few pints and no one is the wiser or the poorer.  The problem drinkers are a tiny minority compared to the overall drinking population, but of course the shithead professor wants to penalise everyone.

I would suggest my own little solution to this problem.  It's simple and would only affect those who overindulge. 

Why not create a web site?  Fill it with photographs of kids who have had way too much.  Pictures of them lying in their own puke and piss.  Videos of them being complete arseholes.  The kicker is that they would be named and their full addresses given.  Do they really want their parents / neighbours / friends / employer to see them drenched in their own vomit and lying in a gutter?  Photos can be taken at random and a selection posted each day.

I reckon that would be a killer web site?

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A toast to the Nanny State — 18 Comments

  1. Using the same logic, would crapping in the street be related to the number of public conveniences a town council chooses to provide?

  2. The public health crowd do not have to understand economics or any of the laws of competition. Instead they have evolved their own non-sensical theory that claims "supply creates demand" rather than the other way around as it is in the real world. 

    A business decision to invest in an off-license in any area is based on there being enough demand to sustain it. Ten Mormon Churches here in Mayfield in Cork would not convert a single local, even if they gave away free drink to get us in their doors.

    Nothing against the Mormons of course!

    • The problem is that the dimwit Twitterati will read this nonsense and believe every word of it.  I include those in the Dáil who will obviously lap up any old shit.

      I'm off now to open ten shops in the village all selling chocolate teapots.  The demand will apparently be enormous.

  3. Planet expert…similar to planet spokesman and planet unnamed source…all places where the state language is bullshit…

  4. Now now, GD. None of this 'naming and shaming' malarkey please. I admit some kids get out of order when they get pissed, but did you never get falling over drunk and barf in inconvenient places when you were young? Were you never a bit of a prat when you were lathered? It's a bit of a rite of passage, and just because we're grumpy old bastards doesn't mean we have the right to deny today's youth the opportunity to make idiots of themselves just like we did at that age. It's part of the learning curve. No need to involve parents or employers. The few who go on to be irredeemable piss-head pains-in-the-arse wouldn't be fazed by appearing on a website anyway.

    As for our gormless 'professor', I know a professor who would disagree vehemently with his pontifications:


    I think his reaction would be similar to yours. 🙂

    It was inevitable that someone soon would start calling for 'plain' packaging for alcohol. Anyone with a functioning brain cell in their skull knew that once the precedent had been set with tobacco, all the joyless puritans in 'Public Health' would be falling over themselves to get some of the same action for their pet hate. Only the brainless turds in Tobacco Control spouted the 'no slippery slope' mantra. Morons.

    • I can honestly say I don't ever remember waking in the gutter covered in puke and piss.  There again I don't remember much about those drinking sessions.  I never did!  Ah!  The Good Old Days.

      I think the main difference between now and my time is the prevalence of those "shots".  In my day we drank pints and the sheer physics of capacity prevented us from getting semi-lethal doses of alcohol.  The problem with being a Libertarian is that I can't call for a ban on "shots"!  Damned principles…..

  5. The only problem of your website idea is that certain stupid individuals would think that it was "clever" to be named and shamed.

    I understand that having an ASBO is seen as a "badge of honour" in some groups.


  6. Let's see if I've got this right….

    Typical pint of bitter is around 4.0% which equates to 2.3 units of alcohol

    So at €1 per unit, a pint will cost €2.30 or (£1.66 at current Exchange Rate of 0.72121)

    I'll drink to that !


    • As usual with these twats, he's meddling in an area about which he knows little.  One thing I can guarantee is that the price of the pint will not come down.  I varies at the moment between €4 to €6 so the old €2.30 is but a distant memory.  Mind you – I remember complaining when the pint went up to 2/6 [in real money] which would very roughly be 30 cents in modern parlance.  I would drink to that.

  7. Of course, the implication of the study is that a multitude of vineyards should cause a multitude of health problems – Saint Emilion, a beautiful town we visited last September, should be a major place on the cirrhosis map, but the good citizens appeared in rude health.

    The correlation that should be investigated is that between social deprivation and cirrhosis, but that would be far too challenging to the powerful. As with the cigarettes, it is much easier to attack the poor than to ask the real questions.

    • The implication of most studies these days seems to point the disapproving finger at the socially deprived [see also Low Income, Uneducated, the Great Unwashed].  The implication is that well educated, middle income intellectuals wouldn't stoop to smoking, drinking or eating fast foods.  Attack the poor and remove any last pleasures they may have.

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