Bring me sunshine — 11 Comments

    • Um, yes….  I think what you might have been looking at were heavy rain clouds.  I can tell because your comment is wringing wet and all the letters have run.

      • Ha! asked for that. Still, i'll have you know it was like the Med down here this mornin'. Herself was even suggesting deckchairs, gawd!

        • It wasn't too bad here either though it has clouded since.  More than likely heading your way in a few months!  😀

  1. I like eclipes, its a nice break from the unrelenting sun and heat, its been a long hot and very dry summer here in my far flung corner of Aus. What I'd really love is to be able to swap weather, I'd be more than happy for you to take some of this horrendous sunshine off our hands, and we could certainly use some of your rain. Perhaps some form of large area teleporting, sigh, back to the shed.

    • Good God!!!  Too much sun?  We consider it a blistering heatwave here if we get two sunny days in succession.  I'll swap any time.  I wonder what the postage would cost?

  2. Global warming is causing the moon to expand making solar eclipses more common. this ultimately makes the glaciers and or ice caps melt and kills polar bears. It will be the end of everything unless we give all of our money to our political leaders who are obviously much smarter then we are. 

    P.S. I almost deleted the above post because I know someone will believe it, then I realize there is no hope for such a person anyway.  

    • Recent global warming research has shown that politicians are actually prone to 'brain shrink' – something to do with heads in clouds I believe. 😉

    • I did wonder if Supershadow had some ulterior explanation for the eclipse.  Some kind of intergalactic warning?

  3. I vaguely recall the time when I was taking a weekend road trip on my old '85 Harley when the sun slowly disappeared. One hell of a weird sensation that was. I was just passing some city or another and everything started to turn red and then night fell–sort of. I didn't bother to stop, I just turned on my headlight and went on and the day eventually came back. I didn't even know an eclipse was supposed to happen but even way back then I never bothered with having a TV hook up. I couldn't be bothered with minor things like local and world events.

    Still, it was a hell of an experience.

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