All aboard the Gravy Train — 10 Comments

  1. I read about all these people getting together in one place and it makes me think of Ween's song, "Cover it with gas and set it on fire"

    • It did cross my mind that it would be very convenient to have them all in the one place…….!

      I wonder if the hotel allows smoking?

      • When I was in Dubai in 2008 all the hotels allowed smoking.  Packs of Marlboros cost about 90 cents each.  A carton of 200 smokes cost the equivalent of $9.00USD

  2. They're letting journalists IN?

    I seem to remember that they were barred from actually attending sessions at the last such all expenses paid shindig, and reduced to being 'free' to print PR handouts distributed in the hotel lobby after each day's 'work'.

    When one enterprising hack from a smallish US paper bluffed his way into the talking shop seem to recall he was thrown out of the hotel pretty violently once his uncensored, but quite balanced – report appeared in press.

    • Very carefully hand-picked journalists [doubtless those who were best at blowing the Tobacco Control trumpet].

      Modules in the training include –

      How to make the most lurid headline out of a trivial fact.

      How to turn an Insignificant Event into a Worldwide Pandemic.

      How to believe everything TC says and disbelieve everyone else.

      Everything is for the sake of the cheeeeldren.

    • I saw that was in the pipeline all right.

      As for funding Mr Gates, the only time I have ever "bought" any of his software was when I bought a laptop with Windoze pre-installed.  This machine came with Windoze 8 on it.  Stripped it off and used Linux.  It's free and works a hell of a lot better.  Also Linux doesn't fund the Nanny State.

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