Party time

It seems that we are heading into a general election.

The parties are all in full self-praise and back-stabbing mode anyway.  Each is promising the Sun Moon and Stars while dishing up as much dirt as possible on the other parties.  You wouldn't think that there is over a year before it's actually due? 

My opinion on the choices –

Fianna Fáil.  This is the party of Charlie Haughey, Bertie Ahern, brown envelopes and corruption.  They are a bunch of self serving cowboys and I wouldn't give them the steam off my piss.  They are the ones who led Ireland into bankruptcy and walked away laughing.  Apart from anything else they also introduced the smoking ban.  If the survival of the planet was dependent on my voting for them, then I'm sorry, Planet, but you'd have to go.

Fine Gael.  A shower of lying traitorous fuckwits who are only interested in appeasing Europe at the expense of the Irish.  Led by a useless twat who once declared that a property tax was immoral, they naturally introduced a property tax and a double tax for water.  Mustn't forget to mention Plain Packaging for tobacco either.  Any party who would have in insane cunt like Fatso Reilly as it's deputy leader should be kept well away from public office.  Wouldn't vote for them if they were the only party on Earth.

Labour.  Hah!  Went into power on the basis of protecting the working man.  Sold out every single principle in order to get their feet under the table.  Shower of fucking traitors.  Chance of getting my vote?  0%.

Green Party.  Died the death under Fianna Fáil by selling out.  Good fucking riddance.  Not even worth a consideration.

Lucinda Bimbo Creighton's Party.  They've been around for a few months now and they still can't even decide on a name for themselves.  That hardly inspires confidence?  They haven't any manifest either which I suppose makes them slightly more honest than the others?  Less promises to break?  Wouldn't vote for any Nameless, Manifestoless party especially it it had that dimwit Creighton at the helm.  They're out.

Sinn Féin.  Don't like 'em.  Never liked 'em.  Don't trust 'em.  They have some good outspoken candidates but I can't get rid of the feeling that the old Armalite is still stashed under the bed. Won't get my vote anyway.

Independents and tiny parties of one or two members.  What's the point?  They all tend to be single policy individuals.  Do I want my country run by an individual who only got elected to keep some local hospital open?  Having said that, they are the only ones who stand the remotest chance of getting my vote, if only for the pleasure of sitting back and watching the Dáil descend into chaos as they all bitch and bicker over their own little grievances.

Any canvassers out there who'd like to chance knocking at my door?

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Party time — 10 Comments

  1. Is there not an Irish version of Screaming Lord Sutch heading a magnificent Monster Raving Loony party? I actually voted for them once, having done a similar appraisal to yours above. They were the only party left that didn't make me want to throw myself off the nearest cliff in despair.

    Needless to say, Lord Sutch didn't make it to No. 10, despite my endorsement.

    If I was in the UK now, I'd probably certainly vote for UKIP in the hope that they could restore some sanity and common sense to government.

    • Your strike button doesn't appear to be working. 'Probably' appeared struck out in this here comment box, but when uploaded to 'comments', it unstruck itself.

      • Bugger!  You're right.  I can only test it if I'm logged out and can only try to fix it if I'm logged in.  Bugger again.

        • Latest – spent hours trying to a) find a fix and b) an alternative.  No joy.  It looks like this will have to be a no-strike union free zone.

          Heh! Looks like it works for me but just not for anyone who isn’t logged in.

          • Your blog is a funny old set up, what with the row of functions above the comment box that don't all work (I remember I had problems with the 'upload image' button not so long ago), that weird double action 'paste' function and stuff.

            Is it possible to use html in the comments here?

            • The core code in WordPress changed a while ago and that caused all sorts of upsets.  I like those buttons as they provide a bit of extra functionality [and there is a much greater range in the area for post writing].  For a reason I cannot fathom they work perfectly for me but not for someone who isn't logged in.  I tried about six other alternative plugins yesterday and none of them worked, so the best I can do is leave them in their semi-working state and hope that someone somewhere comes up with a fix.

              As far as I know, if you try to use HTML in the comments, the code converts the code into <em>text</em> on the assumption that you want it to be seen.

              Yup. That’s what happens – see above!

              • Heh! I just love computers! For all their sophistication and technical wizardry, they still seem to have an ornery streak that can defy any analysis. We just have to accept their little quirks and fits of pique and work round them. Still, I can live with that. It's a small price to pay.

    • The nearest we have to the Monster Raving Loony Party is Lucinda Creighton, but she seriously thinks she has a chance, which disqualifies her straight away.  Indeed, if Nigel wanted to start an IRLIP party he would definitely get my vote.  He is the nearest thing to sanity in a mad world.

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