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  1. The land does indeed look wonderful. Like here it is th arseholes pretending to run the place that fuck things up and of course those who are so fucking scared of their own shadow they look the other way when the arsholes fuck things up.

    In short the perfect combination for government to prosper.

    • It is a classic example of a law that protects no one except the "morally superior".  Fucking thing should be scrapped.

  2. That story really p's me off GD, the guy wasn't doing any harm.

    In contrast, read this – cannabis-grower-gets-suspended-sentence

    Street value €50,000, pleaded guilty of having drugs for sale or supply, built a bunker to grow the stuff,

    “I think perhaps you were driven to trying to survive in the magnificent peninsula of Dunmanus Bay,” Judge Moran said.

    • Of course he wasn't doing any harm.  And the other case just shows how evil the legal system is here – one gets two years because he wanted to medicate himself and the other gets off because of where he lives.  Fucking unbelievable.  Mind you, the whole business could be solved if only they removed the laws that ban growing a plant on your own property.

      That wasn't you in Dunmanus by any chance? 

  3. Here, if you are suspected of growing pot, the police can get your electric usage from the electric company and if it's out of the ordinary,(What's ordinary?), then they can use that as grounds for a search warrant.

    • Suppose your hobby is growing cacti, or electrocuting the local puppies?    It seems a bit hit and miss?  Big Brother is watching!


    The great wheel of life is just a bowl of cherries. You get run down by the great wheel and end up as a squashed cherry.

  5. If his attic wasn't insulated the growroom probably glowed like a beacon on a passing Garda helicopter's infra red camera. They then check the electricity usage and if it's high, they have reason to believe that drugs are on the premises and can search. No warrant needed.

    • Just get a grant from the gubmint for extra attic insulation.  I'm sure it would be granted if you claim it's to "green" the environment?

  6. Sad to say, I can top that. Fella here ended up in court last month after being found with  £1.59  worth of cannabis (don't know what that is in Uranuses or whatever you use for currency these days).

    And if you think that's a waste of police time, try this one – few years back the local do-gooders held a Fair Trade wine-tasting and invited all the island's top clergy and politicos. They were too drunk to make their own ways home and too tight to call taxis. Luckily, this was 2 doors down from the town police station.

    For the next 2 hours the sole police van for the south of the island was unable to respond to crime or even make the rounds, as it was too busy ferrying the island's high and mighty home.

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