International Women’s Day

Today is International Women’s Day.


What's the point?

Is this supposed to increase our awareness of women?  That generally seems to be the point of these days, but I think most of are aware of women?  A lot of us come across women on a fairly regular basis so I think we are aware enough.

Come to think of it, is there anything that isn't "celebrated" on some day of the year?

How about an International Things That Don't Have An International Day Day?


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International Women’s Day — 6 Comments

    • Sweet fuck!!  Some of those are insane.  World Pi Day [not to forget World Pi Approximation Day]?  Star Wars Day?  That should please Supershadow?  Day of Silence?  Aren't we allowed talk about it? Hug Day?  Fuck off!

  1. How about "International Men's Urges Day?"


    It could be a colourful celebration of drinking, smoking, sex, fast driving, red meat, sports and more sex.


    Who could object to that???

    • Sounds like the village of a Saturday night?  Personally I can't think of a single objection but I can think of one or two women who might!

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