Offending a corpse

I confess this religion thing has me baffled.

It's not so much that people have a religion, but more in the way that they allow that religion to dictate their lives in the weirdest ways.

Presumably if there is a creator sitting up there in the clouds he is looking benignly down on his creation and smirking at the mess we are making of it.  To amuse himself, he'll chuck in the odd earthquake or plague just to see how we get on with it.  We know he would have a sense of humour as you only have to look at the Duckbilled Platypus, Elephants or James Reilly to see that. 

What really confuses me is the thoughts that go through this creator's mind.

I presume he is happy enough if we all go about our business leading moral lives but why doesn't it end there?  Is he really going to be upset if an Hasidic Jew doesn't wear a black hat or shaves off a beard?  Did he used to lose a night's sleep when Catholics ate meat on a Friday [he must have been relieved what that one was abolished]?  Does he have a hissy fit if an Amish listens to the radio?  What the fuck is all that about?  What the blind fuck has clothing or facial hair got to do with religion?

And then of course we have the real hardball fruitcakes.  Those who go on a murdering rampage because they believe their prophet might have been offended by a cartoon.  It's not a god we are talking about here but a prophet who is considerably lower on the pecking order.  If someone who is dead for the last fifteen hundred years worries about a cartoon then we are all in trouble.

I hear these murdering scum want to die as they will be martyrs [in their addled minds].  They want to head off to their seventy or whatever virgins, who by now must all have had a right good shagging what with all those suicide bombers who got there first.

I say let them be martyrs if that's what they want.  In fact I say let all radical muslims and would be jihads die a martyr's death.

Stick 'em all on a ship and sink it in shark infested waters.

Then everyone will be happy.

Even the sharks.

But maybe not the virgins?


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Offending a corpse — 22 Comments

  1. Oh, you've really done it this time. You're going to be captured, tortured, blown up, skewered, beheaded, skinned alive, beat over the head with a hard cover edition of the Quran, made to wear strange undergarments and walk to Uzbekistan in a strange manner.

    (Note: Not necessarily in that order)

    And that's just the Catholics. Wait till the radical Muslims get a hold of you.

    Anyway, it was nice knowing you. My condolences to Herself on your loss.

  2. Stuart Wilde on religion

    If you are a vegetarian go out tonight and get a MacDonalds with all the shit on it. You can go back to being a vegetarian tomorrow but don't make it into a religion.


  3. Stick 'em all on a ship and sink it in shark infested waters.

    The navy needs to use up their sell by date torpedos. 

  4. I made this the other day because we were watching this show and although it's just dialog written by someone and filmed, the context of this was a Viking overlord who befriended a Catholic monk in 800 A.D., and I was all like, I KNOW RIGHT? WHY THE FUCK CAN'T OUR GODS JUST GET ALONG AND HAVE FRAT PARTIES AND SHIT?


      • Im very torn between the fact we are better than them and show that by extending to them the rights they would and have tryed to violently stomp out for others …..And that its pritty obvious they dont deserve the protection and tolerance of our country

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