Killing immortality

I am delighted to say that I have received another email.

Our good friend Supershadow has once more taken time out of his busy schedule to impart some of his great wisdom.

I won't reproduce the full mail here as it is rather long and a lot of it is just a summary of what he has been up to lately.  He's a busy lad so that part of the mail is quite long.

Eventually though he gets around to mentioning some points I have made in the past –

Having had a quick flick through your blog over the year you have raised some points that I wish to clarify right now.
In reference to the 'Immortal grandad' post of last January you gave the impression that you would not like to live beyond 90 years. You know this is nonsense. – Let me hear you say that when your 90.  when I am 90 I will just be getting started. Ray Kurzweil can never reach a point where he can say 'I lived forever' but one should have the choice to live indefinitely and not leave this decision in the metaphorical hands of fate. Ray is now head of research at Google so who are you or I to argue.


OK.  Let's have a look at this immortality bit.  I am quite happy to reiterate my position when I am 90, should I live that long.  I have no wish to be immortal as I would imagine it would be incredibly boring.  The concept of spending eternity trying to find things to amuse myself is not a thought I would relish.  Apart from the fact that the old body is showing signs of wear and tear, which somewhat limits my range of potential activities, I would imagine that my old employers would have something to say about having to fork out a pension ad infinitum?  Sooner or later they would decide to call it a day and stop paying me, thereby leaving me with the prospect of no cash.  No cash = no food, drink or [horrors!] baccy. 

That Ray Kurzweil is a bit of a lad, isn't he? Head of research at Google?  That explains quite a lot about the directions Google has been taking lately.  Next time you meet him, could you possibly ask him what he is smoking and where I could get some? 

Of late I have purchased excelerol ( from rays health store and I have never had such mental clarity.
100 years from now we will be able to download our moods.

Good Grief!  $99 a bottle?  That's an awful lot of money for something I could probably get over the counter?  Have you thought of trying nicotine?  That has proven effects of increasing mental agility and concentration, and is a hell of a lot cheaper.  You might enjoy it too.

The other gripe I have is your constant complaining that I don't post my ideas as comments on your site.
We've had this conversation before. In the context of who I am there could be serious security issues posting directly to your blog. I have been a controversial figure in the star wars community. A lot of people target celebrities. Look at the recent actresses who have had photos stolen from twitter.  You know yourself   there are a lot of crazy people on the internet. But there are other reasons I cannot post on your blog and I cannot discuss them unfortunately – except to repeat the disclaimer on my former website:
    "As you would expect, all information regarding SuperShadow is above top secret (CLASSIFIED AT THE HIGHEST LEVEL). Enigmatically, little is know about superShadow except to say that he is close friends with George Lucas -the creator of star wars."

Constant complaining?  Nah!  I never complained.  I just said it was a pity you didn't comment.


I'm not sure quite what you mean about security issues.  I am a little insulted that you think my wee site is insecure.  Supposing I made you a promise that only my readers could see your comments?

Regarding the actresses who had their photos stolen from Twitter [?], I am not asking you to post naked photographs of yourself, and in fact would really prefer if you didn't.  I have just had breakfast.

I am well aware that there are crazy people on the Interweb.  I come across them quite often and coincidentally was watching one of them on YouTube just a few minutes ago.  I believe one or two Crazies even read my site occasionally, so maybe you are justified in your fears?

I am a tad baffled by your need for privacy and security.  You have all the answers to life and the future of mankind, yet are desperate not to let people avail of your wisdom? 

The question is grandad what happens when the fan outshines that which he is enthusiastically devoted to?

He becomes a nut case?  I dunno.  What happens?

as a jedi I don't celebrate Christmas but I wish you and yours a happy season.

That's OK.  I don't really celebrate it either.  Many Happy Returns.


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Killing immortality — 12 Comments

  1. After checking your last posts comments to see how you solved the sad issue of the word eating gremlin I was tempted to pose the question "Have you had supershadows Christmas message yet?"

    bloody glad I was only tempted!

  2. kuzrweil made some good stuff alright like the scanner for the blind.  I remember a lecturer talking about him years ago when I was in CIT.

    But I think if you become completely blinded by science its not inconceivable that you can graduate to this crazy stuff. basically kurz and shadow need to get out more. Tell them to take up rock climbing:))


    • I don't think Shadow has seen the light of day for years.  The two of 'em scaling the Eiger would be interesting to watch all right.

  3. I beginning to think that Supershadow is George Lucas himself? If so, I'm very glad he doesn't post naked images of himself on Twitter.

    In other news, it's been wet-snowing/ice-pelleting/freezing raining here since Tuesday and I'm getting sick of sick of it. Thank the powers-that-be that I have Head Rambles to turn to during times like these, yes?

    • Heh!  Don't say that to Lucas!  Sadly, a search on the Interweb produces….

      Supershadow is an obese forty-five year old virgin who likes to pretend he is the star wars god when he knows jack shit. He pretends he is great friends with George Lucas but in truth the man has no connection with Lucas.

      Just sayin'.

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