Killing immortality — 12 Comments

  1. After checking your last posts comments to see how you solved the sad issue of the word eating gremlin I was tempted to pose the question "Have you had supershadows Christmas message yet?"

    bloody glad I was only tempted!

  2. kuzrweil made some good stuff alright like the scanner for the blind.  I remember a lecturer talking about him years ago when I was in CIT.

    But I think if you become completely blinded by science its not inconceivable that you can graduate to this crazy stuff. basically kurz and shadow need to get out more. Tell them to take up rock climbing:))


    • I don't think Shadow has seen the light of day for years.  The two of 'em scaling the Eiger would be interesting to watch all right.

  3. I beginning to think that Supershadow is George Lucas himself? If so, I'm very glad he doesn't post naked images of himself on Twitter.

    In other news, it's been wet-snowing/ice-pelleting/freezing raining here since Tuesday and I'm getting sick of sick of it. Thank the powers-that-be that I have Head Rambles to turn to during times like these, yes?

    • Heh!  Don't say that to Lucas!  Sadly, a search on the Interweb produces….

      Supershadow is an obese forty-five year old virgin who likes to pretend he is the star wars god when he knows jack shit. He pretends he is great friends with George Lucas but in truth the man has no connection with Lucas.

      Just sayin'.

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