A parting of the ways

I have realised something.

I have completely lost interest in Irish politics.

There is no point in bitching about them because they don't listen.  Last Wednesday the streets were once again full of protesters and did they take the blindest notice?  Did they fuck!  They are in their Dáil as I type fighting over how many households there are in Ireland, which shows a level of incompetence that would shame a Montessori class.

It is obvious that they also couldn't give a damn.  A bill is being discussed which affects every man woman and child in the country, yet could they even be bothered to turn up to discuss it?

Packed Dail

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

So why should I show an interest in them?  It is patently obvious that they couldn't care less about me.  One only has to listen to the likes of Varadkar to know that they treat us all with utter contempt and not only are they out of touch with the people, they don't want to be in touch.

With one or two possible exceptions, they are beneath contempt.  They are self serving, lying toe-rags and I wouldn't piss on them if they were on fire.  They are so far gone that they have become irrelevant in my life.  They ignore me – I am going to completely ignore them.  As far as I am concerned they no longer exist.  They can introduce their taxes, and I simply won't pay them.  They can introduce their nanny laws and I simply will ignore them.

So I doubt I will be writing much about them in future

Except of course to point out their miserable failings and to have the odd sneer.

It's all they deserve.


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A parting of the ways — 12 Comments

  1.  Like the point that they actually don't want to be in touch. That's so true. Can you imagine a real politician actually having a conversation with a pleb such as me? Or even I? Your article is just so true and universally applicable.

    • Can you imagine a real politician actually having a conversation with a pleb such as me?

      I can, and do. However it still doesn't make a blind bit of difference… MP's "surgeries" are just a feeble attempt to pretend they are interested in our concerns. If I raise any concerns which go against government policy, there isn't a snowball's chance in hell that it will go any further than the room we are both sitting in.


  2. You probably need a holiday Grandad. May I suggest North Korea? You could interview politicians there on their attitude to smoking in pubs and restaurants.

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