The ultimate pint

I just had to check the date.

It is the 27th of September, and not the 1st of April.

You see, I just came across a wee article which brought about a massive You Cannot Be Serious moment.

Some twat has suggested that it would be a brilliant idea to put Lithium in our drinking water, supposedly to cut down on the number of suicides.

I suppose there is a logical chain of thought here.  They dump so much chemical shit in our water, such as Chlorine and Fluoride to make it virtually undrinkable so why not dump more chemicals in to pacify us and stop us complaining about the shit they dump in the water?  It’s a sort of self-fulfilling circle.  Quite ingenious actually?

They claim that Lithium is a naturally occurring substance and is to be found in our drinking water anyway.  Presumably we haven’t noticed up until now as it has been swamped by the other cocktail soup of crap that we already drink?  I would argue that Uranium is also to be found naturally as does Arsenic but does that make them suitable for dumping in the water supply?

I have a little forecast for years to come.

The world will be a happy place.  We will all be docile and uncomplaining and obedient citizens because we are all zonked out on the Lithium and Valium that we ingest, thanks to our caring gubmints.  Of course, they have also added Disulfiram to abolish any desire for alcohol and Nicotine to get us all off the demon smokes.  There will also be heavy levels of emetics to cure the “obesity epidemic”.  Some wag suggested throwing in chemical waste so as well as that we also ingest copious quantities of Plutonium, spent Uranium and Polonium.  Well, they have to get rid of it somewhere?

And will we care?

Of course not.

Another glorious, mind blowing pint of tap water, please…….. 

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