Hamlet had it right

We all know about Murphy's Law?

Then there is Sod's Law.

There is also the law states that a roll of paper is always strongest at the perforations.

And the one about the chances of bread falling butter side down being directly proportional to the value of the carpet?

But where is the law concerning sleepless nights and visitors?

I had a crap night last night.  Tossing and turning all night until finally I gave up at around eight and got dressed.

After all, this is Friday [has anyone else noticed how frequently Friday comes around?] and I had fuck all planned for the day.  While greeting the day with weary eyes I consoled myself that I could spend the day dozing or even with a spot of luck, sleeping.

It was not to be.

 This unknown law seems to state that the one night I have a really bad tosser and turner has to be followed by a day full of visitors.


It was lovely having them here.   But it's damned hard having conversations when my brain is like mush and my body is crying out for a long nap.  I wonder if they noticed the matchsticks I used to prop my eyes open?  I wonder if my rambling incoherence was more noticeable than usual?

They have gone now.

Time for a nap?

To sleep, perchance to dream………?


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Hamlet had it right — 4 Comments

    • It was mostly Grandkids – a lovely visit, if I hadn't been so zonked.  I usually give them a drop of gin or vodka if I can find where Herself has stashed it, but never whiskey.  I call that my Special Reserve because it is reserved especially for me.

  1. The visitors are mostly Grandkids…and you usually give them a drop of gin or vodka?  Next time you give these hyperactive kids gin or vodka you could spike the drinks with ground-down sleeping tablets, and that'll make them quiet as angels.

    • That is not a bad idea at all, at all. 

      Actually they were relatively quiet and it was a very pleasant visit but then I didn't feed them large quantities of sugar either.

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