Dishing up the dirt

They just don’t seem to get it.

They try and penalise people with taxes, charges and the like, and then wonder why people try to avoid paying those said taxes and charges.

For as long back as I can remember, there used to be bin collection services.  The lads would come around, regular as clockwork and empty the bins that had been left out.  This was paid for out of taxes, and that’s fair enough.  It was simple and it worked.

Then they decided to charge for the service.  They didn’t say they were going to charge instead of taxes, the said they were going to charge on top of the taxes.

Now the concept of people paying for a service which only they use is fair enough.  In some ways it’s a lot fairer than taxation as it means that the only people who pay are the ones using the service.  If a farmer has an old quarry on his land, why should he pay for a bin collection when he just tips his stuff over into the quarry?

However they overlook one small detail – if I have to pay we’ll say €20 every time my bin is collected, I am going to find life significantly cheaper to just chuck my rubbish elsewhere and avoid paying that charge.

No Dublin councillors are whinging because people are doing just that.

Dublin is one of the dirtiest places in Ireland, they cry.  Illegal dumpers are spoiling our beautiful city, they weep.

For a start, I would point out that there is no such thing as an “illegal dumper”.  The act of dumping may be illegal and even then “illegal” just means not doing what the councils want them to do.  Unless of course they mean that all the dumpers are immigrants without papers, which is a possibility?

So now they are going to squander God know how much installing CCTV all over the place in order to “solve” this problem.  Of course their solution is not to stop people dumping but rather to catch them dumping so that they can then be fined by the courts.  More money for the coffers.

Any excuse to rob people blind?

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Dishing up the dirt — 11 Comments

  1. Who is going to follow up the CCTV images? I can hardly see An Garda Siochana being enamoured of the idea of having to try to enforce littering penalties

  2. Welcome to the Swedish way of doing things. We have this system since a long time. And we do it all the way, if you don´t have any trash in your bin because you put it elsewhere you still have to pay.

    The rule is simple — trash or no trash, we don´t care, pay up or get fined!

    • I have to admit the system they have in my area is quite reasonable – if I don’t put the bin out, I don’t pay.  I’m charged according to the number of “lifts” per year.  It’s still an incentive to chuck things over the garden wall though….

  3. Swedish way of doing anything is bound to be self destructive feminised moronic and likely run by a recent completely non radicalised (wink wink) Muslim immergrant…

    Are there even any real sweds left?

  4. Illegal dumpers are spoiling our beautiful city, they weep.

    So a legal dumper aka someone who has paid for and been supplied with paper would not be spoiling…?

    The city is theirs?

    Who the fuck are they and how did they acquire a city?

    • In fairness [and I never thought I would be an apologist for a council] I refer to my village as my village, but it doesn’t mean I lay claim to ownership of it?

      What they are guilty of is mucking up a perfectly good simple system in favour of something that is complex and expensive.  It is supposed to be their job to run the place but they shouldn’t complain when they fuck it up.

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