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  1. Dual time zones are very handy if you travel to other parts of the world, and don’t want to upset friends and relatives by phoning home at 3 am! However you don’t need a fucking computer to do that – my ancient Casio was providing such a facility decades ago…

    • We don’t have many time zones here in Wicklow so no problem there.

      Seriously though – is there anything this device does that can’t be done with a normal mobile phone and a laptop?  Apart from the tapping that is.  In future centuries they’ll look back and wonder how the human race managed without tapping?


  2. “its battery apparently lasts one day.”  Does that make it a 24 hour watch?

    Can you make it display a countdown to its death?

    Can the battery be replaced? Probably not.

    Can it be recharged???


    • The battery is fortunately rechargeable.  However, it is recharged by placing it beside something instead of plugging it in.    Presumably Apple users apparently can’t find their arse with both hands are incapable of putting a plug in a socket?

  3. Now wait a minute. I love my iPhone.  I am by no means an Apple zombie.  I don’t pay $3000 for a small not very powerful laptop nor do I have to get the new gadget right away.  My iPhone has taken the place of my camera and iPod and phone.  It’s all three in one and I like that.  Siri is handy as all hell.  I don’t dial phone numbers anymore unless I’m just putting the new number in my phone.  I say things like, “Siri, would you please call Jim”, and the number is dialed.  I like that!  It’s handy.   I have every intention of getting an iPhone 6+ in March when my current contract runs out.

    • But the big question is – have you been lying awake at night wondering how you could wear your iPhone on your wrist?  How many times have you wished you could have two million alternative displays for the clock widget?  You have an iPhone and that’s fine, but they are trying to persuade you to fork out hundreds for another device that mainly is just an addition to your phone…

      • Now you’ve got me there.  The Apple Watch is just a gadget.  Very true.  I’ll wait to get one when they are giving them away with the purchase of an iPhone.

  4. What Apple was careful to not mention is the that the apple watch only works if you also have the iPhone on you. If you forget your iPhone, lose it, or its battery dies, your apple watch also stops working.

  5. Yet another ‘you-don’t-really-need-it’ device to make people more lazy and inattentive than they are already. But I suppose everyone will finally be forced to buy one of these things when 2-factor authentication becomes a requirement instead of an option when logging into just about anything you can log into. Oh, and the “code by voice call” option will no longer be an option. It’s “send you a text” or “install this app” or nothing, sweetheart.

    At least then I’ll be able to renew my prescription medications by waving my watch/smart phone in the general direction of the pill bottles?

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