Egotistical masturbation

I used to have a great respect for science and scientists.

I respected their expertise and their never ending quest for knowledge and the expansion of the field of human expertise.

That was a while ago though.

I have lost all respect for them now.  In particular those in the medical field who seem to be under the apprehension that because they are a Doctor [or a Mister], that their words and opinions are like gold-dust, for us mere mortals to read without question but with a sense of awe and wonder.


Leading Irish consultant compares e-cigs to methadone

What the blind fuck is a "leading" surgeon anyway?  This fucking idiot is certainly leading the field when it comes to pure arse dribble but apart from that I would rank him amongst the egotistical wankers of this world.  And you can take that as gospel, as it is written by a "Leading" Irish Blogger.  Hah!

[Just as an aside – he claims that "It is thought the liquid nicotine or e-liquid contained in the e-cigarettes is absorbed much quicker than nicotine in tobacco and can poison a person by touch alone" but I bet the little cunt is quick enough to recommend nicotine patches?]

I won't bother ripping his statements apart because anyone with more than two brain cells to rub together can see that his pronouncements are a pile of shite.  Mind you that won't stop the Twitterati screaming "OMG! I must avoid e-cigs at all costs because the leading consultant said so", but then they are brain-dead anyway.

And then we have the latest "study" from America –

Daylight saving time linked to heart attacks, study finds

Sadly this is taken as an advance in the field of human knowledge.  This is supposed to be "research".  This purports to be science.  It is crap.  Like most "studies" it's no more than a badly organised cherry picking of statistics, produced [no doubt at great expense] so some twat can get his name in the papers.  Another egotistical wanker.

Why do we give these people sustenance?  Why do we allow them to waste the planet's oxygen?  Why aren't they out doings something tangible and productive?

Like flipping hamburgers in McDonalds?

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Egotistical masturbation — 8 Comments

  1. A Ph.

    Ph.D actually stands for Doctor of Philosophy. Philosophy in Greek means Lover of Wisdom. We're supposed to be in awe of lovers of wisdom, even though the Herr Doktors, as respectful Germans are supposed to address them, contradict one another often with new researches. Some Herr Doktors moonlight as consultants to pharma and other companies, so their objectivity is not always what it seems. I think a lot of "New Research Findings" newspaper stories are simply summarised and copied down by non-expert journalists under editorial orders to fill in a quota of columns on a daily basis. You've been a journo Grandad. Have you seen a lot of reports and Ph.D thesis abstracts cluttering newsroom desks in your time?        

  2. The leading blogologist in 'Merica has deemed that "headrambles" is bad for your gloom, and overuse may result in giggles, smiles and untimately enlightenment.

  3. I must say that the Irish government is unbelievably rabid on the subject of smoking to the point of being completely insane. What next? Door to door searches and seizures?

    And as far as daylight savings time, I'm actually get quite concerned about my wife every time DST rolls around as she becomes incessantly angry about losing an hour's worth of sleep and how they should just leave it be and…and…and…

    I really worry for her health I must admit.

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