Celebrating paedophiles and perverts

March the 17th is celebrated here in Ireland as Saint Patrick's Day.

Over in America quite a few people celebrate Saint Patty's Day on the same day.

Most people of course know that Saint Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland.  He is supposed to have brought Christianity to this island and therefore the day is marked by getting totally rat-arsed, and the day is not considered a success if one doesn't wake up in the morning in the gutter covered in piss, puke and a kebab.

Saint Patty however is his lesser known brother and is the patron saint of paedophiles and perverts.  As luck would have it, his devotees celebrate him on March the 17th as well.

Trawling the dark underbelly of the Interweb, and in particular Facebook and Twitter, you will find quite a few references to Saint Patty's Day.  People brag they are holding Patty's Day Parties which is strange as celebrating paedophelia and perversion is not something I would have thought they would want to advertise.  I have noticed though that virtually every single reference to Saint Patty is by an American which I suppose explains it.

St Patty['s Day with kids

Some people have no shame!

Very occasionally some twat gets the two saints confused and you will see references to St Patty's Day combined with shamrock or leprechauns but these are people whose last remaining braincells have finally succumbed to the inanities of Facebook and Twitter.

So if you see references to Saint Patty's Day on the Interweb, let them know we are on to them and their nasty little pastimes.  Keep your kids well away from them as they are utterly shameless.

St Patty's Day celebrations

How St Patty's Day should be celebrated.

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Celebrating paedophiles and perverts — 5 Comments

  1. Thanks for clearing that up. I had always assumed that "Patty" was simply another example of the poor spelling that the US seems to consider acceptable….

    • Just wait until the search engines get hold of this little nugget.  All those would-be Irish-Merkans [who obviously know fuck all about Ireland] are going to be in for a little surprise?


  2. Happy St. Patrick's Day – an Irish-American invention – to you all, especially as the Irish rugby team conquered la Belle France in Paris. I'll raise a glass of French wine, champagne being unavailable in my neck of the woods.

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