Weeding out a bad law

I read a wee article in the Irish Times today.

Support growing slowly for legalisation of cannabis in Ireland

You would imagine I would be in full support of this?

It stinks.

What boils my piss is the whole concept of "legalising" something.  It reeks of the stench of being given permission to do something by those "in authority".  I don't need the fucking gubmint's permission to do anything, thanks very much and the idea that they might "permit" me to do something is a complete anathema.

What I am in favour of is the decriminalisation of cannabis which is an entirely different matter.

In my book, the only things that should be "illegal" [for want of a better word] are those things which by their actions significantly impact on another party.  In other words, any action which has a victim is wrong.

Cannabis has no victim.  It affects no one except the person who is smoking it, and while so called "experts" can bore us with their opinions on whether it has a lasting effect or not, it is up to us to decide whether or not to listen to those opinions.

I personally see no harm whatsoever in the use of cannabis.  It has many great medicinal uses [ask anyone who suffers from Multiple Sclerosis] and the recreational use is pretty harmless.  In fact I would argue that cannabis does significantly less damage to society than alcohol.  Has anyone ever heard of someone going on a shooting rampage while high on pot?  Has anyone ever heard of a murder committed by someone who's floating on a blue cloud?

"Legalising" cannabis would just pass it into the realms of control, legislation and taxation, and would ultimately just line the pockets of the gubmint and Big Pharma.  No fucking way.

Decriminalising it is an entirely different kettle of wombats. 

It never should have been criminalised in the first place.


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Weeding out a bad law — 12 Comments

  1. Sorry to rain on your little pot party GD, but I'd beg to differ than it doesn't have detrimental effects if used in excess.   I've been around people who've smoked a bit too much of it for their own good and well, they've become a little fucking looped.  I'm specifically speaking about an ex 'boyfriend'.. altogether he was more of a shag buddy really.  Come to think of it, maybe he was just nuts and it's not the pot's fault – I'll never know as he rarely wasn't smoking it

    I would agree with decriminalising it though..  I can be a bit of a bed wetting liberal at times.. Let stupid people put whatever they want into their own bodies

  2. Oops. Duplicate comment. Filled in the wrong email there in the first one GD. Delete which ever one has the worse punctuation. 🙂

  3. I don't agree that if a cannabis smoking habit results in unhappy effects on the smoker, then the action is victimless as only the willing smoker is affected  – and I know the 'experts' are still debating the effects of cannabis while the illicit smoking continues. If the habitual smoker is affected then his (or her) family/friends are affected by worry about his mental or physical condition. They may have to spend money and time helping his 'rehabilitation' from whatever condition the smoker may be in. I suggest that these family members and friends become psychological victims. Most of us are not atomised individuals: we are family. Our individual actions affect those close to us.

    • The same can be said about a lot of things?  Someone who damages their health through overeating, over drinking, playing sports or even driving can become a "burden" on their nearest and dearest?

      I agree that some people may have a bad reaction to cannabis, but people react badly to many substances.  It's just a matter for that person to avoid the substances that cause the problems.

  4. FFS, just decriminalize the production, possession, sale and use of the stuff.  As a kid we use to all gather in someone's car.  Pitch in a couple of cents for gas and drive around all evening and night smoking joints.  We would either run the "Circuit" downtown or just go drive all over the back country roads.  We didn't crash and die in horrible flaming car wrecks and we didn't fry our brains into mush.  For Christ's Sake we drove around, caught a buzz and generally had a good time.  It was a wonderful youth misspent.


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