Bureaucracy in the driving seat

Apparently satellite navigation systems are "unsafe".

At least that's according to our Minister for Sickness and Death Fatso Reilly, which is fucking rich from a bloke whose department kills far more people than satellite navigation systems ever did.

It has been suggested that ambulances should be fitted with SatNavs which seems like an eminently sensible idea, as they keep turning up late after getting lost.  Fatso reckons the department has its own system [which patently doesn’t work very well] and they don't need these "unasafe" SatNavs.

I use Roger quite a lot and have been doing so for many years now.  I reckon he has navigated me many tens of thousands of miles and so far hasn't cased me a single scratch.  I grant there have been occasions when he did try to kill me, such as the time in France I was driving over a viaduct and he tried to persuade me to turn onto a side road which happened to be fifty feet below me under the viaduct.  He also has a habit of trying to make me take narrow twisty roads that are parallel to the main road which I never understood but is hardly fatal?  I might also add that my system is bang up to date and it's a very rare occasion that Roger can't find an address, even in a new housing estate.

It's this kind of narrow minded bureaucratic crap that is the cause of half the problems in this country.  It's the "We have spent millions on a system which doesn't work, and we're not going to spend a few hundred more on a system that will." line of thinking.

Why the fuck can't they install SatNavs as a backup system?  Each one only costs a couple of hundred, and at the rate Fatso pissed the cash away, that shouldn't break his bank?  After all, they cost less than coffee machines?

I would assume that our ambulance drivers are intelligent enough not to drive off a cliff just because their SatNav is sending them astray?

Or maybe or minister is judging their intelligence by his own?


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Bureaucracy in the driving seat — 7 Comments

  1. If Roger allows you to come over to France, I will have to introduce him to my Claudia.    A sexy voiced beauty who keeps me on the straight and narrow correct route.  

    I do love it when I have to take a diversion and she tells me off with a "Recalculating".   I can detect the disdain in her voice.

    • I presume Roger is well acquainted with Claudia if they are both living up there on the satellite?  It must be a fairly intimate place?

      Roger used to tell me three or four times to do a U-turn [getting more peeved each time], before heaving a sigh and announcing he was recalculating.  He has got used to my ways now and accepts my superior knowledge.

  2. It takes me longer than a heart attack to enter the post code in a sat nav. Nothing would benefit ambulance drivers more than a bit of local knowledge in my opinion.

    • Adding a SatNav would just add to their local knowledge and/or the existing systems.  I'm just suggesting that there might be times when a SatNav could fill in the gaps where the other systems fail.

  3. Coffee machines?  Not to mention the ongoing cost of consumables and maintenance for them.  Why can't the numpty make do with Nescafe instant and a kettle outside of canteen hours?  The rest of us would have to.  In fact, sod that.  These "health professionals" are into telling us that caffeine is a deadly poison which is bad for us and that we should cut down.  He can lead by example and drink (tap) water after lunchtime.

  4. Seems the Irish corporate community have gotten themselves an 'approved supplier list' set up in government. Why only yesterday my good lady returned home with a tale that makes no sense to normal people who can see that it is blatant profiteering but makes perfect sense to the corporate and government thieves.

    Four pints of milk at the local Aldi costs £1. The school canteen gets its milk delivered by van along with everything thing else it needs to create school dinners from a 'central processing unit'. The cook in the canteen has no idea how much this milk costs as she isn't privy to the pricing BUT she has found out that all food suppliers have to be on the government aka County Council, approved supplier list.

    The fact she has to record every amount(of every food and drink) used to create the food and drink that is presented to the children suggests the cost of these supplies has a severe impact on the profitability of the catering company.
    Weirdly the one thing they do not record is the amount of food and drink that goes into the slop bucket every day (it's devoid of sugar and salt) which is usually brimming.

    • If they could subcontract the delivery of school meals to a disciplined charity like the Salvation Army or the Capuchin day centre the kids would gladly eat the food and there wouldn't be enough waste to feed the alley cats.

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