Our Puppychild, the middle grandchild is growing up.

She still likes to stay with us the odd time though, probably to get some peace and quiet from her younger brother Sir Fartzalott.

The only thing that I dreaded about these “sleepovers” was the inevitable requests to watch Sponge Bob.

Now Sponge Bob must be one of the most horrendous items ever to appear on television.  I hate the accents [squeaky Mercan] and the ghastly Mercan slang.  Five minutes is sufficient to induce nausea, a slitting headache and blood pressure fit to inflate a lorry tyre.

But as I say, Puppychild is growing up.

Apparently Sponge Bob is now for kids and she is into much harder drugs films.

Last night, Herself went to bed early leaving me in charge of our sprog’s sprog.  I chose the Horror Channel.

Puppychild didn’t sleep a wink last night.

She was still shaking and speechless when the daughter came to collect her.

Feckit.  She has to learn sometime.

The Real World is worse than anything on the Horror Channel.

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Growing up — 3 Comments

  1. Love it…….

    Eldest grandaughter has grow out of Peppa Pig, now likes 'One Direction', cant see that being an improvement though for a seven year old………. still I suppose it is better than 'Jedward' but thats not saying a lot.


    • Peppa Pig was another favourite [and Dora the Explorer] though they tended to be not quite so grating on the ears. 

      I would actually prefer Sponge Bob to Jedward and that is really saying something.  So far, I have managed to avoid One Direction.  Never heard 'em so can't comment.  Don't want to hear 'em either.

  2. Hell, you should have turned onto some vintage Warner Bros cartoons. Nothing like those Loony Tunes of old to bring on the violence. I loved those old cartoons and there was one time where the Censors (read: self-righteous, "right-thinking" right) actually censored the things, cutting out all the violent scenes which cut an 11 minute cartoon down to 4 1/2 minutes. That is until the Ted Turner got the rights to the originals and brought back the uncut, full of wholesome violence versions.


    Yoiks! And awayyyy (thud!) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ctcTtBlBgeU

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