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  1. I read about this yesterday but was just so angry I couldn't write about it at the time. Now you have brought it up again it makes me really really angry. I wish the sheeple could/would do something about these cunts.

    • I also read it yesterday and had to wait until today to calm down a bit.  I am still fucking furious though.

  2. Grandad,

    "…that the EU would either waive the fees or carry the cost themselves?"

    That sentence supposes that the EU has money. Of its own.

    It doesn't.

    Like all governments, the only money they have is ours. All assets are ours. All debts are ours.

    If you keep voting, if you keep consenting to the criminally fucking insane ruining our lives, there is no hope for your nation or mine.

    They will run it all into the ground. They are all incompetent. They are all fuckwits of the highest order.

    And yet, we keep ticking the box for the chap/chapess who we think will help us.

    They won't. Not ever.


    • What infuriates me about this is that the EU is so blatantly milking everyone for every cent they can.  It is financial rape, no more, no less.

      When are the idiots who vote for these cunts going to wake up? 

      There again, most of them are unelected dictators anyway….

  3. That is insane!  We may not be able to go back in time and fix things, but we can do our best to rectify the future.  If no one stand up now and says 'No', there will be no "Free" people left to stand up.  It's a complex situation that I'm afraid there is no easy answer to.  We could, theoretically, kick everyone out of our governments and start over, but it is very probable that in one to two terms they will also be narcissistic arses as well.  Sigh…

  4. Don't know if this applies elsewhere but apparently, in the UK, spoiled ballots are not counted but BLANK ballots are.

    Let the bastards know we don't want ANY of them!

    • I don't know what the criteria are here, but I know they always announce X spoiled votes in any election.  Whether that includes blanks I don't know.

      • I want to see 0 cast votes! maybe that would get them. Unfortunately, MPs accept 17% or less as a "mandate".

        • Unfortunately that will never happen.  The bastards are just about clever enough to vote for themselves.

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