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  1. GD, so pleased to hear you are a train enthusiast.  Having built my first layout in the 1960s,  I am still enamoured and planning the next – and probably last – layout in a new shed to replace a decrepit garage.  With your extensive Manor holdings, surely you could find space for a suitable shed to house a large representative model of all Ireland?  Come on, use some of the vast accumulation of ill-gotten gains in the bank to provide a worthwhile creative outlet for your many talents.

    • There are several problems.  The main one is that I like detail so would probably have to go for a OO guage.  This means a LOT of space is required and this happens to be a highly efficient house – there is little or no spare space.  I would therefore have to construct a rather large shed to take the kit and that would be a little steep for the old pension. 

      I could go down the route of an N guage but somehow I think it would just frustrate me.

      • Don't go to N gauge – the eyesight required is well beyond us OAPs.  Take a look at some of the main magazines and you could find all you need in 00 could easily be fitted into a small shed.  Surely herself could sell some jewellery?

        • An elevated track on shelves running several feet off the ground. Then cut through some walls to make a few passages, the entire manor becomes large layout. Your not really using any of walls that high up anyway.

          Of course herself might be tad bit upset when the 12:05 express rolls through the bedroom each night. Penny would have a delightful time trying to "catch" the train. 

          • What really pisses me off is that I used to have a fully working steam locomotive around 18" long including tender.  It was a real beauty, but it got nicked when we moved house around forty years ago.  With that, I could have set up a track around the garden which would have been brilliant.

        • It's the small shed that's the problem.  It would need to be a bit bigger than just lawnmower size!

          And Herself's jewellery is long gone.  She still searches for it occasionally.  Heh!

  2. Are you man or mouse? Squeak up.  If trains are in your blood, get on with it.  Cost is not the issue, only commitment.  I can lend you around 100 hand-built locomotives to make a start.

    • Bloody hell!  100 hand-built locomotives?  I'm tempted to take you up on that just to see how you manage with the postage!

  3. The plastic cows on the plastic grass yield plastic milk, and their droppings reek of plastic, yes?

      • Can we suitably amend the opening lines of Gray's Elegy, which resonate thus?  –

        The curfew tolls the knell of parting day, 
          The lowing herd wind slowly o'er the lea, 
        The ploughman homeward plods his weary way, 
          And leaves the world to darkness and to me.

        Something like this:-

        The clacking electric train rattles my day,

        Plastic cow patties plop on plastic hay,

        Weary ploughmen for plastic pints do pay,

        While alcohol tax and the ban on smoking cause widespread dismay.

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