St Patrick’s Day traditionally marks the start of the tourist season here.

So The Gathering is well under way.

This is a wonderful concept where we invite all our foreign friends and relations to Ireland this Summer for a feast of overpriced tourist tat traditional welcomes.

There are so many events organised around the country that there is bound to be something to suit everyone’s taste.

There will be mystery tours where our foreign friends will be brought in search of a traditional Irish pub that is still in business.

There will, of course be guided tours of our famous ghost estates.

There will be the unforgettable sight of the barefoot children begging for breakfast on their way to school.

For a taste of local colour and a chance to meet some real characters, mingle with the cheerful jolly chappies as they queue for their unemployment benefit.

Smokers are especially welcome and will be given the special privilege of standing out on the pavement in the wind and rain along with the locals.

Why not bring your car and enjoy the freedom on our traffic free roads?

Hey Ho for the Open Road

As a special treat, why not book a front seat view of an actual eviction as a real live family is tossed out of their home.  This is not a re-enactment of a Famine Eviction – this is the real thing!  Not to be missed.

So come on over.  We are dying to grab your cash meet you.   It is an experience we guarantee you will never forget.

And we might not be around next year.

A balmy Spring night in Cork

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The Gathering — 29 Comments

  1. Heh! they can finish their stay off with a real Dublinia experience (The Vikings were a piece of piss) and have the crap kicked out of them while being robbed too, followed by a trip to our overcrowded A&E's.

    • I love The LUAS Ad GD. "Kids go free on Luas"……so do fucking scumbags, because LUAS security is scared shitless by them.

  2. You're dead wrong about climate change, couldn't be deader wrong.  Stupid,really.

    However, I am starting to think you're on to something with the E.U. Can't believe the Cypriot (greasy wop fags, all George Michaels) are robbing people's bank accounts. Worse than the Sheriff of fuckin' Nottingham that is. Although I, personally, don't give a toss about the wog shirt lifters you gotta wonder where this is headed. If they get away with it with the sand dancers where will they hit next?

          • Oh go fuck yourself..
            Narcissistic – the definition of a blogger.

            If you've ever been to Limerick, you wouldn't be slagging it off either. Talk about brain dead.. repeating unwarranted assumptions.


            • If you read the context you'll see I was referring to Beverly Hills.

              You apparently are setting out to prove I wasn't.  😉

              • "Of course they could.  He could have originally come from Limerick".

                That's not the first time you've slagged off Limerick.
                I knew full well Leno was being derogative..  no need to explain GD. Jesus.

                The last time I suggested Limerick as a place to visit you fobbed me off too.. I think if you came you'd be glad you did.. It's a grand town we have here.
                Better than Scobieville, anyday. 🙂


                • OK.  Let's go through this…

                  The reference to being from Limerick was a joke, and well you know it.

                  When I commented on Leno's comment you asked for a reply, and that is why I explained.

                  I have nothing against Limerick, being well familiar with the place and it's people, but generally I find they have a sense of humour.

                  And anywhere is better than Skobieville.  Even Limerick.

                  Now stop being so aggressive and go and take a chill-pill or whatever it is they say these days.

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